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      1. Yes. Same thing here. The City of Los Angeles strong-armed the farmers out of their land and water rights over 100 years ago and have been snagging every drop they can get, and their wells are getting bigger and deeper. The water table was 18 feet from the surface in my memory. Now it's over 90 feet. Fossil water. It will never return.

      2. Kill all the retirees is a conservation strategy.

        It was the Alex Cole tweet at the top I was referencing, not necc. the scientist one.

      3. I did the sound and audio archiving for the WISP meetings (Water
        & Wastewater Infrastructure, Supply & Planning Study) where experts hammered out a 50 year plan for Southern Arizona's water usage. Needless to say, the consensus was that without some major changes, we are fucked in the long run…

        1. Good thanks, and you?

          I still can't get into WV from my home laptop and I am swamped at work for the foreseeable future, so I have to amuse myself other ways.

          I don't really like to go onto non-work-related sites on my work computer anyway. No one here cares, but I try to limit it even when I'm not busy. I usually bring my home laptop to work and use that but obviously that's not an option right now.

          1. I donut understand how some shit works on some machines and operating systems but not others. I see a lot of 404 or similar errors, and I have a bland but common PC on Win10 running Firefox. I am not a fan of Chrome, but some items won't run on FF, like my physical therapist's video conferencing app. It's a mystery.

          2. In this case I think it is something that I did myself to my chrome settings and I can't figure out what it was. There was a day after I got my new laptop, where I was messing with the settings in my Chrome account and after that I couldn't get into WV. That said, I also couldn't get into it from the microsoft browser on my home computer, but then that came back, then didn't, so I think I might have some other issue going on there. I mean, whatever. There are worse things going on in the world, but it is a little frustrating.


          3. What could be worse than being unable to wonkville?
            I was dipping my toes into the mothership a little bit more, but today I got a taste of why I stopped going there. I'll stay here.

    1. … he completed a PhD in superconductivity …

      Whoa. One of my fizzics profs got a Nobel for his fiddling with those. He wuz a D'Rat too, also. One of his kiddos taught out here, but he's now retired. Dang, I need my swears to describe how olde I am.

  1. Field report: I was on a Zoom meeting yesterday, a meeting that went out to the public, and one of the people in the meeting is a yoga teacher. Her yoga studio is in her home and she has a wall with exercise ropes hanging on the wall. The ropes are tied to loops bolted to the wall studs, and her students use the ropes to hang upside down. Well she attended the zoom meeting from her yoga studio with the wall of ropes as the background. It looked like an S&M dungeon. It was pretty funny. An elderly hippie dominatrix talking very seriously about bicycle safety and tax assessment districts, with a wall of ropes behind her.

    The last time I attended this same Zoom meeting, a few weeks ago, they opened with the pledge of allegiance and all the people on camera, in their homes, stood up from sitting in front of their laptops to say the pledge. Of course that meant that suddenly their on-screen images were all crotch shots. And of course Zoom picks up the voice of whoever is speaking and makes that person the main image. So since they were all speaking at once, Zoom kept cutting from crotch shot to crotch shot, while the voice-over was the pledge of allegiance.

    Nature is healing.

      1. Yes, thank god. I don't think the general public has a pressing need to see any senior citizen pants-less crotch shots. I could be wrong but that's my hunch.

      1. Maybe just suffered from people saying " If I hear another cut from Rumours, Imma take a hostage."

        [ who? me? ]

        1. Yeah, that got overplayed real quick. My dentist at the time let patients bring in 8-tracks to play through his system during procedures. He had to put up a sign saying "NO RUMOURS".

    1. WUT?

      Green Manalishi
      Oh Well
      Black Magic Woman
      Rattlesnake Shake
      Need Your Love So Bad
      My Baby's Sweet
      Some Stevie tune
      Wildcard- The Chain

          1. Which is more recognition than the rest of the band gave him when they got inducted to the Hall of Fame.

      1. callist_io@call1st_io
        Replying to @anzu_is_online

        after you defeat regular hitler and shadow hitler these are the guys you have to fight

    1. Flirted with a few, but always returned to M-L.

      Good to know.
      Enver Hoxha (/ˈhɒdʒə/ HOJ-ə, Albanian: [ɛnˈvɛɾ ˈhɔdʒa] 16 October 1908 – 11 April 1985) was an Albanian communist politician who served as the Prime Minister of Albania, as the First Secretary of the Party of Labour of Albania, from 1944 until his death in 1985.

    1. Cool. Actually, very cool.

      and Cool. How'd you do that. Uploading from googlephoto or photoshop worked , I think, but was a pain in the ass.

          1. I use Disqus as my host these days. I don't post it there, but I get close enough so it creates a URL for the picture so I can <img src= it here or elsewhere.

        1. My 'bucket got fuxxored when it went commercial. I get at least one email every day saying I have exceeded the allowable limit.

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