29 thoughts on “Trolling Wonkville

  1. The bill, in its current form, is expected to face strong opposition from White House and the Republican-led Senate; however, it may open a window to bipartisan negotiations.
    Photo via @CNNPolitics

      1. looked like it- I had a Stage 73 once upon a time. It was cool at the time, but a bit of a PITA compared to modern keyboards

        1. Back in band days, Fearless Leader said we were gonna get one for me [ He had lots of plans ].
          So I looked into it and said he would need to also hire a full-time tech to keep it working.

          1. not that bad, but you have to constantly mess with the tines to keep them in tune

        1. Did you see it eventually? There's a story about leaving Jack behind at a truck stop in FLA. Would like to hear Jack's version.

          1. I've had to reboot it twice to just get that. We don't have any competition out here, and they know it.

          2. There's fiber at the bottom of the road half a block away, but we can't have any of it apparently.

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