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  1. The pic has nothing to do with the article. I just like imagining Grace Slick as a Girl Scout. The whole NYT editorial is long, but here's a short list.

    US Army installations named for traitors

    Fort A P Hill VA
    Fort Lee VA
    Fort Benning GA
    Fort Bragg NC
    Fort Gordon GA
    Fort Hood TX
    Fort Pickett VA
    Fort Polk LA
    Fort Rucker AL
    Camp Beauregard LA

    1. Thank you, was going a little nuts looking for the connection. Great pic.

      Also, between that ed. and the front page, maybe they got woke a little, or know that the clicks will be insane.

      Also too, apparently Chris Wallace on Fcks this morning declared 'Abandon Ship!!'

    1. Can't say what it was like here today as I never left the house. AZ. has sorta re-opened I guess. Did get Thai take-out yesterday. Small place, not gonna allow in -dining. Owner said 95% of customers very okay with that.

      1. The county just north of us opened for fishing yesterday, but there's no lodging available. Dispersed camping here and there, but no developed campsites, motels or other short-term rooms. Our stores never did fully stock up, so we've been doing without a lot of normal stuff. Now the fishing bastards are picking the bones. I'm OK until about Wednesday or Thursday, hope the shelves have some product by then.

          1. I've done OK substituting if they don't have what I usually get, but I'll remember your kind offer.

          2. No problem. For a while there I thought I might be sending stuff to Sis in N.M.

  2. WAPO

    On weekend dedicated to war dead, Trump tweets insults, promotes baseless claims and golfs
    The president, who urged Americans to return to church this weekend, did not do so himself.

    By Anne Gearan

  3. [ Atlanta and touring guitarist and youtuber ] Rhett Shull

    ​pro tip, eat cheetos with chopsticks so you dont get cheeto dust all over your guitar during the gig

  4. [ gonna be a long day ]


    The definition on Urban Dictionary reads: “Common Jamaican expletive” that is used in either extremes of excitement or sadness or vexation at a person or just as an expression.”

    However, according to the site Jamaican Patwah, Bumboclaat refers to menstrual pads or toilet paper as bumbo (meaning bottom) and claat (the Jamaican pronunciation of cloth) literally translates to bottom cloth.

        1. Fat Boy can post all he wants about Lysol and bleach and hydroxychloroquine, with no repercussions. One fucking joke meme, and I get locked up. Fuckers.

          1. He's the one The Idiot will invite in when 200million people with machetes come for him

      1. Facebook jail? That is a thing? What are they going to do to Trump for stealing the 2016 election by using FB data to target misinformation to selected voters?

        Oh that's right: nothing.

    1. Burakku Enperā
      Replying to
      no, no, no, DO NOT teach the robots how to disassemble animals into little parcels of meat!

    1. that infects only 13 and 17 year periodical cicadas…

      Yeah sure.

      Massosporas are what they're spraying in the contrails.

        1. David Lindley is so damned underrated. Hard working, too. I've seen him solo a lot, but more often sitting in with other more famous artists who would be nowhere without his talent.

    1. dissociating socialist@lkmangan80

      Replying to @BrennanSpiegel @dwallacewells and @Yale

      came for the science and the poop jokes and i was not disappointed

    2. "came for the science and the poop jokes, and i was not disappointed"

      apparently i'm on some kind of shit list, couldn't pastalink

      1. there are no posts waiting for approval. we can't do anything w/ comments for some weird reason. does your link have try6 in the address?

        1. Definitely a comment, not a post. I didn't even use a word to describe an economic system characterized by social ownership of the means of production!

          1. what about boner pills? was it boner pills? it's definitely boner pills, isn't it?
            here's my impression of a roman commercial:
            [focus on chat}
            Hi, Ethan! How are you?
            Great! Except for my flaccid peen! :( lol

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