17 thoughts on “This guy is killing it..

  1. "Are Dems in Disarray?"
    "Exactly How Much in Disarray are Democrats?"
    "Democrats in Disarray will Cost them Votes in November. Here's Why."
    "My Mother is a Democrat. Here's Why I Hope She Gets Covid."
    "Black Men. Why White America is Right to Fear Them."
    "Joe Scarborough Totally Killed that Chick. I Have Proof."

  2. [ and here I was hesitating to make a birder comment ]

    Replying to
    Curb Your Privilege: Have Birdwatchers Gone Too Far?

  3. I hear howling.

    Question: "[President Trump's] trying to belittle you for wearing a mask, making it seem like it's a sign of weakness. Is it?"

    Joe Biden: "He's a fool."

          1. Only good thing about this hunkerdown bullshit, one store is giving out bags again. I was almost out.

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