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  1. Hey Zip and any other mods: There are a few thousand spam comments in the back room. I actually can access them, I could not before. I am on my work computer so maybe that is why. I'm sitting here listening to a recording that I have to listen to, so I'm deleting while I listen, but once the recording is over I'll be going home and I still can't access WV from my home computer. If any other mods can do any deleting that would be much appreciated.

    These comments are not our normal spam, they are all for Hermes and other high-end fashion houses, along with Nike. Odd. Also they clearly haven't done any market research on us.

      1. Thanks, you too. Frustrating that I can only get on WV on my work computer but probably makes me more productive (define productive…).

      1. What is it with these groups and small towns in the Southwest? You guys didn't do anything to deserve it.

        Speaking of which, I was listening to someone yesterday, a 70-year-old kindly hippie lady ranting about how the best way to fight Coronavirus is to maintain a healthy immune system. She went on and on. I wanted to punch her. The other people in the discussion very politely but thoroughly refuted her comments, but geez, how entitled and insulting and naive.

  2. Word of the day
    Learn to pronounce
    noun: orle; plural noun: orles

    a narrow border inset from the edge of a shield.
    a settlement in central Slovenia.

    'orle' Late 16th century from French 'ourle', from' ourler' ‘to hem’

    Orleans apparently derives from 'or' Fr. for 'gold'

    'orle ' in Slavic languages means 'eaglet'

      1. The Wonkville Coat of Arms shall have at it's center
        a turd of gold on a field of blue with a dozen bees
        and an orle of brown. Across the top are a rack of guitars,
        a skein of yarn and a blue crab .
        At the bottom is the motto "quia propter sexus"

        We hiked to Orle from Urh and had a lunch there

    1. Yesterday's new term, can't remember where I heard it: "Orbital assist." and they weren't talking about Space-X. tee hee.

  3. A building omega block over the area next 48 hours will produce
    rather hot late May temperatures with a few locals near daily
    record highs and top 10 hottest May dates.

    ZOMG! Not an OMEGA BLOCK!!!

  4. I don't know why they shit on Sparks NV, when Pahrump is right down US95 a ways. I know we've all marveled at how "blue" Orange County CA has become. I think a big part of that is due to the exodus of suburban OC dwellers to Pahrump. Sell your million dollar house there, and build a castle in Pahrump with the proceeds. And definitely bring your politics with you. It's a fucking hellhole.

    1. My chihuahua came from a rescue in Orange County. His former foster mom is a lovely person except for all of her barely suppressed rage at anyone who is not white. She would never, ever describe herself as racist. She just thinks some people are lazy and scheming and prone to crime-ing and all this rage bubbles out of her about this. She also thinks that Coronavirus is a conspiracy by the evil Dems to make sure Trump loses the November election. This is all on her FB page.

        1. She's really a good dog trainer and foster mom, very sought-out, it makes me sad that she buys into all this toxic stuff.

          1. Does she even know where Chihuahuas originated from?
            Good thing dogs aren't overly political, but if they were, they would definitely be Socialists.

          2. Yes. And I honestly don't think she even remotely sees herself as racist. I don't think she makes the connection at all. The reasons that she hates certain people is so removed in her mind from their skin color. We humans let our brains do such crazy leaps.

          3. Fixed. It is odd that I can get into the back room again but I can't get into the front except on this computer.

        1. Someone on Twitter that I follow and who comments on fashion runway shows likes to come up with funny terms for various elements of clothing. There was a flounce on a waist on a dress recently which she referred to as a butt cape. This is the content I come to Twitter for.

          1. And now I know what a 'flounce' is, and can use it in a sentence. Like :Scarlett flounced out of the room, billowing the flounce on her dress.

        1. I remember them up in the mountains when I was a kid. Someone explained to me what all the shells were. I have never seen there around civilization here.

          1. We had them in Mammoth Lakes. Drove me crazy whenever they came out. Then I developed tinnitus, and I can't hear them anymore.

          2. Lol! That's one solution!

            Yes, where I had seen those shells was at Girl Scout camp up in the Tehachapis.

      1. A hammock.

        eta: I'm guessing that the producer asked what he called that and he said something like
        ' Hamghjkdjs Blues".
        'Hamkhjsdbv Blues'
        Aw fuck it.

      1. I operated landfills for about ten years. Underground trash fires are scary to fight. One time my dozer dropped through a void, five feet down before it stopped falling and continued crawling. Took some fancy blade work to get my ass out of that one.

          1. E-ticket ride, for sure. This was in the 80s. Everything went in the hole, except for separate piles for construction waste, tires, cars and appliances, and tree waste. I fought fires on all but the car dump. Pretty toxic environment even when it wasn't on fire.

  5. True fact: on a blog post titled "55 Easy Breezy Summer Soups" They chose one submitted by Lisa R. that reads:
    "….makes the perfect cold-weather meal."

    1. I might do reviews without making any b.c. looks like they all suck. e.g.

      Garlic Tortellini Soup…………..2 garlic cloves

      Also, yeah, gazpacho, I know, but have been having gaz in summer for 30 years and there's gotta
      be something else.

    2. Really.. What contest was this.

      Contest Winner
      1 can (14-3/4 ounces) cream-style corn
      1 envelope ranch salad dressing mix
      1 envelope taco seasoning

      [ there's other stuff too but holyfuck ]
      Imma look for another site, but might keep this one for the lulz.

    1. Oh didn't see this comment before.
      Well, I got my answer.

      Also, piss on Brian Williams from a great height.

      1. The live coverage began on Rachel's show and continued on. I don't watch Brian Williams, though he used to be OK.

    1. Ingraham: To our African American fellow citizens I say this. Given his own experience with an out of control FBI and unfair investigations.. President Trump knows how poisonous an out of control law enforcement process can be

  6. "And we can absolutely not let him prevail. And I will code what I want to say [to Trump] and it starts with F and ends with U.”

    Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

  7. Vaguely interesting. Remember Asshole Duck Nut Phil Robertson .
    [ not gonna link b.c. asshole ] Apparently last week he was advocating for some sort of
    civil disobedience………almost wonder what he has to say about the last few days.

    May 19, 2020 – Phil's had enough, and he has an idea to end the shutdowns. … : They Don't Have Enough Prisons to Hold Us All!

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