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  1. Little slice of personal wtf?

    I check the phone for messages and the first opens and it reads, " Hi Blue, it's Lisa ………"
    Heart flutter for a sec., but it was from the RedForEd people. Probably good that it was.
    Lisa was the first serious adult love. The one that talked me into moving to AZ. and then deciding her life was meant to be elsewhere.

    Couple months ago got an email from 'Andrea', the name of my now passed sister. I think that one was from the PHX radio fundraiser.

  2. also ,yes, there were protests and dumpster fires and arrests in Tucson last night. I was not there

    1. the main protest on Thursday was incident-free, police were diverting traffic only.

      the afterparty featured shots fired and teargas. there will be another one tonight

        1. I spoke too soon- the stupidity didn't kick in until near midnight after a peaceful night of protest

    1. OK Do not hate myself [ for that anyway ] because found a good tab.

      Off to somehwat responsibly visit people.

        1. From what I understand, most of it is junk. My brother did give me a can of salve that he found that works. It seems to be good for temporary pain relief on my aching knee, but I'd prolly never bother spending money on it.

  3. Papa Dewey recently started twittering. So far he's doing great!

    “I am sitting on a man’s neck, choking him, and demanding that
    he carry me, and, without getting off him, I assure myself and
    others that I am very sorry for him and want to alleviate his
    condition by all possible means except by getting off his neck.”-Leo Tolstoy

          1. I might be missing some stuff. I'm actively pushing back against fucking twitter. Fucking cesspool. I know there's nuggets of goodness, but I'm tired of sifting through it.

          1. Having carried the 1911, I have to agree with you on that. However, in confined spaces also had the Walther P38 where the 45 was too much flash & boom.

          2. I've owned a couple of 1911s, one the old .45 and one in .40 S&W caliber. I cut the .40 up with a torch, and the .45 with a cutoff saw. Couple grand worth of hardware gone, but it made me feel better.
            I still have a couple of revolvers, both in .357 Mag. I much prefer them.

    1. They sure as hell are trying to avoid counting them. Can't interfere with the great "reopening"

      (pay no attention to the rising number of cases per day everywhere that has reopened, and the transparent effort to redefine covid deaths to keep the numbers down- commerce is king)

    1. Brendel
      Replying to
      The only greater hero to Antifa than Joe Biden is Walter Mondale.

  4. My bride & I watched a live stream of local chanteuse Brandi Carlile. Great show and the raised a ton of money for Campaign Zero that is working to end police brutality.

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