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  1. This does speak to the idea of one rotten apple and there goes the whole bunch – but the others are not spoiled. Rather, they get tarred by assholes like tRump and his media shills and enablers.

    Last night we got some in person time with one of our granddaughters and one of her friends. They had been protesting here in Seattle and got tear gassed. They got doused with milk to ease the sting on sight, but they came to our house as we are easy walking distance from where the demonstrations were taking place. Her dad drove over to pick them up. She'll be turning 16 in a couple of weeks, but already is one tough gal. My bride and I and the rest of the family are quite proud of her tenacity in speaking out about injustice.

    1. There was a protest on Sunday in my little hippie town. I went up into town to drop my bike off at the repair shop to get my brake fixed, I thought that since I was a block from downtown I would just drive on over there and walk my dog in the park. Since the shutdown the park has been nicely empty and there's parking right next to the park, so very convenient compared to the Before Times.

      Well so I left the bike shop parking lot, turned left onto the main drag, and realized there were a TON of cars and people! WTF? like LOTS and LOTS. And they were clearly not local people. If you live here you can tell when people are not local. Also not a whole lot of masks on faces.

      So I drove past the park and there was a crowd of people in the plaza in the front of the park, all jumping up and down with placcards and sort of protesting in a circle at each other, at least a hundred people, maybe closer to 200. Clearly not locals.

      Well I just turned the car around at the corner and headed home. I didn't think until later to look to see if they were wearing masks in the park, but the thing is that they were 1) not local and 2) crowded together. They had to have been from Los Angeles. They looked like the sort of rich hippies in expensive pre-torn jeans that come here as tourists.

      This really bugs me because we have done a very good job in my community of keeping the infection rates low. People are staying home, we have our own rules that are even stricter than the county's about wearing masks, etc. and fortunately it seems to be working. It is especially important here because 25 percent of our population is over age 65. So I can't help but be angry that these protest tourists came up here to do their protest and might be asymptomatic spreaders who increase our infection rate and some senior here who wouldn't have been infected otherwise develops symptoms. It is so selfish.

      It also makes me angry because: why come here? I tend to think the answer is because they think that if they come here they can take selfies of themselves protesting but avoid the dangers of protesting in L.A. where they might get gassed and risk getting their hair messed up. I certainly agree the protests are needed, but here? No. These people are just entitled white posers who are endangering people during this pandemic.

      I was talking to our police chief yesterday (I work with him on stuff related to my job) and he said that a bunch of the protesters walked down the street next to the park to where the police station is and sat in a circle in the driveway, blocking the egress for about three hours in the late afternoon. He said that his deputies inside just didn't answer the door, just ignored the circle. He said that around 8 p.m. a Domino's delivery car came up and dropped off several pizzas, and the protesters took the pizzas and walked off down the street, probably back to the park to eat their pizza. And that was the end of that.

          1. Hoooooolleeeeeeeeeeeeee shit.

            [ somehow missed that …….small laptop screen ]

  2. paul mcleary
    White House spox: “as of right now Secretary Esper is Secretary Esper.”

    [Kayleigh, I guess ]

  3. Absquatulate [ab-SKWACH-É™-late] Part of speech: verb Origin: American English, 1830s
    1. To flee 2.To take off with somebody or something

    My bride says #BunkerBitch absquatulated off to the bunker like the fraidy cat he is.

    / apologies to cats.

  4. Field report: It is a fucking hot 99 degrees here today. NOT OK.

    When this researcher went home for lunch and turned on the window unit AC, the chihuahua in the field refused to leave the vicinity of the AC unit and return to his chihuahua cave. A CHIHUAHUA. A dog that at most times begs to be clothed in fleece doggie jam-jams and wool sweaters; a dog genetically engineered since millennia to thrive in hot climates.

    And it is only June.

      1. And now I know where Trona, CA. is. and that it looks like hell.

        And that there were two films done there.Trona and Just Add Water,
        as well as a few scenes from a Star Trek movie

        1. This is the very first time in a rather long life that I have ever heard the phrase "I have friends in Trona."

          1. This whole area is like one giant small town, 18,000 people spread out over 10,000 square miles. A portion of Trona is in my county, Inyo, the rest is in San Bernardino County. My area of responsibility (when I had a job) approached Trona from the west and north, but stopped short because the state highway doesn't go through. I worked with two brothers who live there.

    1. An ad included with that Yahoo finance article reads:

      "I can find a partner who can successfully navigate multiple Bear markets."

      1. If there aren't at least 19 hipster bands called Porn Star Toad Venom Ritual by the week's end, I'll be highly disappointed

          1. Hey Close, do you know Walker and Williams Leather in Santa Barbara?
            Like ,are they assholes that I shouldn't order from?

          2. Never heard of them. But their website looks fun. Hidden Valley Lane is not a commercial area, it's an exclusive residential street in Montecito/Summerland, where insanely insanely rich people live. Oprah lives in that area, so does the family of the Shah of Iran. Al Gore, too, and Maria Shriver. It's the general area that got washed out in those terrible floods following the Thomas Fire in 2017/18. That location made me curious, so I Googled the address and it looks like an old hippie place in the middle of the mansions, so I guess they must be OK.

          3. HAH! Okay. Thanks.
            Now if I order [ about $30.00] am tempted to ask if they know Oprah.

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