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    Now, and always, Yamaha categorically condemns the long-standing and systemic
    racism, inequality and injustice that is experienced by so many in our world.
    Music teaches us an invaluable lesson: to open our ears, and listen;
    to open our hearts, and feel; to open our minds, and understand.
    That we have the power to come together.
    That we have the power to transform our experience.
    That we have the power to be better.
    Now, and always.

    <img src="https://www.chapmoto.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/f/x/fx06-90202-1.jpg&quot; width="200" height="200">

    1. "… but the fatal ceremony, which took place in the Valencian town of Enguera in July 2019, allegedly involved the Spanish porn actor Nacho Vidal…" oh, he's good. I remember him from such films as "Paella Galore," "Fish Tacos vols. 1-6, 8 and 14" and "Nacho Nacho Man, I Want to be a Nacho Man."

  2. Outlaw country and southern rock (Tucsan)
    © craigslist

    I'm looking to start a country and southern rock band I been playing guitar and a little bass for 26 yrs ive had several bands in kentucky I have just moved to tucsan if interested hit me up

      1. But wait!! Ruins and modern tourist trap at The Big Ditch
        Tusayan "Ta-sa-un"
        Navajo word meaning 'a country of isolated buttes"

        Tucson Tohono O’odham, 'Ts-iuk-sha', referring to the fact that the base of the mountain [ a hill near the river ] is darker than its summit. …. says the Tu-uk-so-on means "black base.”

        So , Tuck Sun it was……..not so much anymore.

          1. If relatives have come to town
            Looking for sights to see
            There's no worse place to spend their dough
            Than Tombstone Territory

            So it may be Hollywood Elitists that are responsible for the pronunciation change.

          2. Sure, the show wasn't about Tucson, but they had to go there a lot to get supplies. Like Pa and Hoss and the guys always having to leave the Ponderosa to go to Virginia City for whatever.

          3. Wow, me too!
            We didn't have a TV at home until 1960. Unless shows hit syndication, I missed them.
            Of note, it was filmed almost entirely in Arizona, unlike most westerns which were filmed in California. Lone Pine, mostly.

          4. Ours was also B&W, which made sense since Disney didn't introduce the Wonderful World of Color until 1961. That was some bullshit, having to watch color TV in B&W!

            I spent a large part of my life without TV, and was better for it. Now I'm a slave to it.

          5. Tombstone- the place you have to suffer through for visiters, until you finally convince them that Bisbee is a whole lot more fun

  3. Bobby Lewis
    · 3h
    Brian Kilmeade tries to dunk on Bill de Blasio's "Imagine" reference by saying that "John Lennon wouldn't be safe in this city right now."

    1. Now and then, usually due to drought, the lake up the road an hour drops enough to see the old road and stone bridge that crossed the river. Good time to replenish your fishing tackle, too.

    2. Now and then, usually due to drought, the lake an hour up the road drops enough to see the old road and stone bridge that crossed the river. Good time to replenish your fishing tackle, too.

  4. Thor Benson
    I don't know if Lindsey Graham hires male escorts and has them call him "Lady G" but many people are saying this

    1. Tonight-
      A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible early. Clear to partly cloudy. Low 68F. Winds light and variable.
      Sunny skies. High 93F. Winds W at 10 to 15 mph. Dethrone God.

          1. It has rained here every day for the past week. the throne is slippery he should just fall out

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