83 thoughts on “In Case ANyone Wants to Get Their Knopfler On

    1. Didn't some Focks Newzer, or other yahoo, tweet something like that some time ago?
      I mean before the recent troubles.

      Otherwise, I raise an IPA to you and exclaim "Mazel Tov."

    1. Sigh. Lost his granny to COVID too, also.

      In our family my bride and I have a DIL, grandson, two greatnieces and a greatnephew who are blah. Clearly these police shootings must stop and not just cause I got family – though that does amp-up personal anxiety. Not much less important is giving the officers a pass, sad but just part of the job. How many white folk chilling in their house do the popo shoot by accident?

    1. I saw that pig ooze down the steps from the courthouse on TV. How does he pass the physical, let alone be a bicycle cop?

  1. https://amp.theguardian.com/technology/2020/jun/0

    In advance of the publication of this article, staff at MSN were told to expect a negative article in the Guardian about alleged racist bias in the artificial intelligence software that will soon take their jobs.

    Because they are unable to stop the new robot editor selecting stories from external news sites such as the Guardian, the remaining human staff have been told to stay alert and delete a version of this article if the robot decides it is of interest and automatically publishes it on MSN.com. They have also been warned that even if they delete it, the robot editor may overrule them and attempt to publish it again.

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