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    1. There was another fanfare and President-elect ……. appeared at the top of the Capitol stairs. He was dressed in a morning coat, his pant legs as always a trifle short. His jaw jutted defiantly and yet he seemed uncertain, as if unsure that he was really there. He exuded at once relief and disbelief. He had arrived at last after the most improbable of careers and one of the most extraordinary feats of self-discipline in American political history. He seemed exultant, as if he could hardly wait for the ceremony to be over so that he could begin to implement the dream of a lifetime. Yet he also appeared somehow spent, even fragile, like a marathon runner who has exhausted himself in a great race. As ever, it was difficult to tell whether it was the occasion or his previous image of it that …… actually enjoyed. He walked down the steps and took the oath of office in his firm deep voice.

          1. This is Bolton

            I cannot offer a comprehensive theory of the Trump Administration’s transformation because none is possible. Washington’s conventional wisdom on Trump’s trajectory, however, is wrong. This received truth, attractive to the intellectually lazy, is that Trump was always bizarre, but in his first fifteen months, uncertain in his new place, and held in check by an “axis of adults,” he hesitated to act. As time passed, however, Trump became more certain of himself, the axis of adults departed, things fell apart, and Trump was surrounded only by “yes men.”
            Pieces of this hypothesis are true, but the overall picture is simplistic. The axis of adults in many respects caused enduring problems not because they successfully managed Trump, as the High-Minded (an apt description I picked up from the French for those who see themselves as our moral betters) have it, but because they did precisely the opposite.

        1. Single digits is our norm, but we got some tropical storm bullshit blowing through. This is like monsoon season. We run swamp coolers here, so it's not much relief. If I had the bucks, I'd get air conditioning.

    1. This is exactly why I haven't done one of those DNA sites. I don't want weirdos from some obscure branch of the family straight out of a Cormac McCarthy novel crawling out of nowhere and trying to come after the Close Read Millions.

    1. Too bad Quaker didn't want to own up.

      I have a vintage "picaninny" doll, no idea how I came to possess it, but I've had it for probably 40 years. It's been packed away almost all that time. I wish I knew a place to donate it, I sure don't want to sell it.
      Time for a little research.

        1. I work late on Tuesdays. I have to sit in a meeting and listen to nonsense. They can't see that I am playing on my computer.

          1. I work a long day on Tuesdays so I feel no guilt about playing on my computer at 9:26 p.m.

          2. I should add that all the people in the meeting know I play on my computer, I make no effort to hide it. They are OK with it.

          3. They would probably be surprised at all of these. I imagine they think when I am not at work I get placed in a refrigeration unit until work requires my presence again. Actually, that might be true.

            Also, that pic of Warren Beatty: Wow, he looks like such a punchable, entitled asshole, even when he was young and hot.

          1. Color somewhere between grey and beige. It is very in right now amongst rich assholes. This building looks a little greige-y.

      1. The worst part was the USGS push notifications to my phone. I got 7 of them in rapid succession. I think that's what woke up teh cat.
        <img src="https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5a88227a68c47b99ea26dd778bd33b9bcf4b9598304408d40202d7700f345342.jpg&quot; &lt;="" img="">

        Local news crapped themselves a little, we don't get much news around these parts.
        <a href="https://www.sierrawave.net/5-8-earthquake-south-of-lone-pine-near-olancha/” target=”_blank”>https://www.sierrawave.net/5-8-earthquake-south-of-lone-pine-near-olancha/

          1. When the fires came through a few years ago and our phones were screeching constantly with emergency alerts and everyone pretty much felt like, "YEAH I KNOW THERE'S A MASSIVE WILDFIRE I CAN SEE IT OUT MY WINDOW ANY WINDOW." But on the other hand, I guess those alerts must be sent out for people with their curtains drawn.

          1. Ah. Thank you. Saw someone write…….'.get ready to tie-up the boat in Idaho', which I thought
            was pretty funny, but I guess not original with them.

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