30 thoughts on “Forward.

  1. These goddamn stupid fucks tore down the statue of Forward. A statue I can't tell you how many times I walked by, sat near, rubbed her toe for good luck (it's a Madison thing). The last day I spent in Madison, I made a point to sit by her reminiscing about my time in that city, not sure if I'd ever go back. She represented the Progressive era. She came to represent Women's Suffrage. And these stupid fucks tore her down. The only solace is that the original is safe inside a nearby museum.

    These stupid fucks also tore down a statue of Hans Christian Heg. Who? Oh, just a Norwegian immigrant who fought on the Union side in the Civil War and rose to the rank of Colonel. He died in battle at Chickamauga. “The valorous blood of the old Vikings ran in his veins, united with the gentler virtues of a Christian and a gentlemen.” So, yeah, fuck that guy!

    Want to pointlessly destroy something? Go burn down a Sears.

    Then go read a fucking book.

  2. My brave bride is going to take part in a COVID vaccine test. WHOOT, and she's even older than me who is a fossil born in the Forties. Definitely OK BOOMER. The don't want me for R&D anymore since the cancer.

    / v. proud of my bride

  3. No fair These disfigured zombie cells appear to be using those streaming filaments, or filopodia, to reach still-healthy neighboring cells. The protuberances appear to bore into the cells’ bodies and inject their viral venom directly into those cells’ genetic command centers — thus creating another zombie.


      1. Yeah well, that electromicro jibberjabber thing is just
        more science lies. Image was probably photoshopped by Gates and Soros.

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