63 thoughts on “Consider the Hare

    1. I used to get an occasional impromptu concert across the road when I lived in Nevada. One of the few things I miss from there. Mostly música norteña.

      1. I had saved this tune years ago hoping to learn of few of the genre………..never seemed to get a round to it.
        Came upon it again clearing out the folders. Might mess with it with the 12 and suck at that too.

        Interesting story. The 'rurales' were the Rural Police' not the rural folks.. Dunno if the translation goes with this link, but it should have that option, that's what I used.


          1. I just love the sound. I wouldn't want to care for and feed one, or try to play it. Same with a quinto.

      1. From the original tweet thread

        Andrew Knapp
        I’m sure there are other saguaro cacti you can visit.

        Mica Haivell

        I'll have to remember that line of reasoning the next time I'm burning a Bible or American flag.

          1. This has got to move the needle, they can't keep ignoring his oh so many faults just to further destroy the judiciary.

          2. I thought so last night when I was linking-while- intoxicated.
            Today I think 'sure they can ignore it.'

            Trump is tweeting ' nobody told me! '

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