22 thoughts on “Hey people, stop microwaving your books, please

    1. So, one could tape an egg in the front top corner so someone might not see it when they turned it on.

          1. Well, except for the small facts that it was his Mustang instead of a microwave and a filament tripwire connected to a car bomb instead of an egg duct taped to the inside door. Otherwise, yes.

          2. Eggs assploding was quite common at the Uni Student Union when the microwaves first showed up in the early 70s. The assploder would depart and leave the mess for unfortunate student who worked there. I never worked there, but a buddy did and he whined about.

      1. I came back from a few days in the field to a brand new one near the sink. No one wanted to talk about it, so I asked my buddy the Exec. Sec. Her eyes went wide when she described the new hire's *one raw egg* suddenly blowing the entire door off with a boom heard though the entire building. One egg.
        I understand spaghetti squash can be problematic also.

        1. Forget fugacity, PV=nRT. Similar to when doing the St. Patty's corned beef in the pressure cooker and the pssst, pssst, pssst stops and the pressure regulating rocker stops rocking. If you're a hero you turn-off the stove, grab the cat/dog and run. If your sensible you just run and leave the critter to figure it out. My mom was a hero. I made the mistake of laughing when I got home, and was cleaning for days. It is amazing how much corned beef an cabbage can squeeze out of that little hole when the pressure relief button on the top pops.

          1. Prolly a good thing the gasket didn't blow out.
            I've taken some chances with pressure cookers, like closing my eyes for just a minute here, but never blowed it up.

  1. OK all bad persons, heads-up

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    Jair Bolsonaro has Covid-19 symptoms, temperature, test results due by noon tomorrow, CNN says

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