76 thoughts on “A grasshopper walks into a bar…

          1. Sorry to hear. Is he a 'Deep State' operative?

            Also, as usual, that tune by Slim sent me off ………
            That YouTube UMG thing said "Composer Lyricist: James Williams"


            Different song

            Jimmy Williams (Mr. Blues)* ‎– Early One Morning / Big Legged Woman
            Don-El Records ‎– 111
            Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM

          2. Was tempted to comment on the video, but afraid UMG or YT will hunt me down and have me eliminated.

            Did you know that Little Walter forever changed the landscape of blues harmonica?

    1. Um, so – in theory – if your, er, *a* "Church" were to, say, sacrifice a few (just a few, mind you) neighbors to Yog-Sothoth, then no one could be sued?

      That's a relief! Uh, theoretically.

      1. Certainly true if Yog actually snatches them, 'cause habeas.

        If you mean more traditional gutting on an altar kinda stuff, I think it depends on the race/ethnicity/religion of the sacrifice.

        1. Well, sometimes He spirits them away and other times they transmogrify into an unrecognizable amorphous protoplasmic mass (messy, but we put down plastic). Only on Walpurgisnacht do we reserve the intestines, for scrying reasons.

  1. After a break and further review, there's still a couple phrases I can't make out. So if anyone wants to listen and try to figure it out instead of working or some other nonsense, here are the times for a line I can't decipher
    :14 [ first goddam word ]
    1:59 2:05 [spoken, sung]
    2:37 [spoken]
    2:50 [spoken]

      1. Hah! Holy shit!

        It's not that big a deal, people change lyrics all the time, Like my best guess for the first word is 'scarves', even if it's not, it makes sense, and can do the same for others, but it still nags me.

          1. I have friends who live there, within walking distance. Say they can't get in, though. Vurry fancy.

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