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        1. Ah, sorry.

          After sparking outrage on social media, a mural titled “Reconciliation,” depicting a police officer hugging a Black protester and painted on the front of the Kmart in south Minneapolis, is now gone, apparently painted over.

          The cop in the mural was reportedly supposed to represent Minneapolis police chief Medaria Arradondo, though the image appears to be closely based on an Associated Press photograph of New York City police chief Terence Monahan hugging an activist last month. The mural was created by artist Christina Marie (@christina.marie.g), who posted it to her Instagram account on June 26.

          The mural was created as part of the “Let the Healing Begin: Racial Reconciliation and Restoration Mural Project,” also known as #lakestreetprayerwall, a music, art and prayer rally that took place on June 27. Murals were painted on the front of Kmart between June 15-26. The event was organized by Pastor Peter Wohler, executive director of the Source MN, a faith-based organization that works with at-risk populations and sponsors the Fallout Arts Initiative.

          “Friends, here is an example of some of the gaslighting and nonsense we as Black people have to deal with in this town,” wrote Nekima Levy Armstrong, a civil rights attorney and former president of the Minneapolis chapter of the NAACP, on her Facebook page. “A white artist created this mural …. How out of touch can a person be with reality and what is needed in this moment of frustration, loss, trauma, and grief in our community? This ain’t it.”

          1. I've only even been to Jersey once, and never got off the turnpikes.
            I had a god friend from Somers Point NJ, and he called everyone from anywhere else a "shoobie." Apparently, that's someone who visits the beach in Somers Point and brings their lunch in a shoe box and leaves their trash behind.

          1. It's like there's a thousand extemporanuses out there running around making all the good jokes before I even show up

    1. Y'know, I can't eat lobster. I hear it's pretty good. But if it looks like that, I don' wanna anyway. Y'all go ahead.

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