70 thoughts on “Minneapolis Police Suddenly All Sensitive and Such

  1. I don't know what the retirement age for them is in MN, but in CA they can go out after 30 years at 90% of their salary. If for some reason they come down with some disability, they get their pension tax-free. And they do, in droves.

    1. Don't be thundering now, asshole.
      Don't need thunder.
      You go on thunder somewhere else if that's all you're gonna do.

    1. Miriam: Kids! Eat. Eat!
      Kids. We don't like that. It's weird.
      Miriam: And stuff a bunch of that in your packs.
      Kids: Aw , maaaaaaahm. Do we have to?
      Miriam : Yes. you will need it in a little while and then you'll thank me.

  2. Will spare you the McArdle, but here are some replies …………..

    –Megan everyone knows this didn’t happen
    –"dumbass" isn't a name
    –This never happened
    –No you didn’t
    –You have the brain of a dog

      1. I sure didn't know who he was at the time.
        I think it was a valuable experiment, especially for fans of WTF? After the first disaster, Columbia Univ. bought the place but the disaster just rolled on. Don't know the management status after those years.

        Only time I was there was in-between stints at treehugger.org. The place was pretty much past the dumpster-fire stage into just dump. Not much going on. A botanist I knew got a a job there studying some plants that were leftover— because he had to eat too. I went to see if they needed a floor sweeper or something. He persuaded me to not bother.

        1. Also
          Andrew Sullivan
          · 45m
          This will be my last week at New York Magazine.

          Jeet Heer
          Is this like The Rapture? What's going on?

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