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  1. Mine is Sister Caligula undecipherable (even by me). It's what you get by forcing lefties to write/eat right-handed for Jeebus. The last few decades on the keyboard have not helped, also, too.

    1. I nearly got held back in fourth grade because my left-handed writing was indecipherable, even to me. Having to write with a No 2 lead pencil didn't help. The teacher wouldn't issue me a pen, said I hadn't earned it. To punish the teacher, I got sent to a parochial school, founded by a Klan sympathizer named [Alma White.]

  2. Breaking re: Teh Virus

    " I just heard from another broadcast it's all over the world."

    ——The fucking criminal, brain-damaged, asshole.

    1. Wiki sez:


      Monroe hosts the largest Pioneer Day Celebration in Sevier County. Made famous by its parade and 3-on-3 Basketball tournament, the 24th in Monroe is full of food trucks, vendors, bike rides, the Monroe Milk Run, live bands in the historic Main Street theater, class reunions, an epic firework show on the SSMS football field, and a community BBQ hosted by the city on the park.

      Sounds a bit, um, *risky* to me, but I'll wait until Trump's next Coronavirus brief until I pass judgement.

      1. Yes You could have easily gone with "ARETHEYFUCKINGNUTS? "
        So I admire your restraint, because that's they first thing that came to my mind when they
        asked me to sit.

        1. Probably in a good mood today because my brain scrapings test came back "negative". Of course, I was "negative' 7 business and 10 calendar days ago and the State health rep who called me had no information on the frequency of false positives *or* false negatives the tests throw. At least I've got (sort of) a baseline.
          Still, these days I'll take whatever good moods come around.

          1. Baseline, and I wanted to get in before the probable surge of panicky and/or symptomatic people. First in line at 10:05 and out in 10 minutes, max.
            7 day lag time is effectively useless for contact tracing, but at least I know I *was* clear. Now as long as I don't break pandemic protocol and quarantine, and stay lucky, I could make it through this.

          2. Taiwan and New Zealand proofed this and, barring a few setbacks, are mostly open now. Their other smart strategy is "keeping the Americans out", too.

      1. Absolutely. They committed to self-quaratine upon returning. Plus, if D gets it and dies, I get his guitar.

          1. Well, I'm here now, am thinking I'll just take the guitar when I leave, then return it if
            he's not sick.

    1. Ha! In the same vein of the no-maskers: I love how some of the people who refuse to wear masks claim it is because they can't breathe with them on. Where is their concern for George Floyd.

  3. I'll says this: Will never look askance at man-buns again. Dudes in Portland certainly
    have bigger balls than I do at this point.

  4. McSally hilarious.

    This bill will empower Americans to hold the Chinese Communist government responsible by helping to provide them with the legal tools necessary to sue the Chinese government in federal court for creating and worsening the coronavirus pandemic

    Teh Crew : Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), Martha McSally (R-Ariz.), Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), Mike Rounds (R-S.D.), Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.)

  5. Today in Loeffler whining.

    Click through to her tweet for gems like this

    @Mobute ·
    Replying to

    someone could frogmarch a division of troops through your skull without any of them brushing up against an ethic, let alone two, but as long as you're still in office despite being obviously and remorselessly corrupt, you're not canceled, whatever that means, you fucking baby

    1. "Today, I'm announcing a surge of 670 Light Calvary Troopers into a Balaclava valley plagued by 20 battalions of violent Russian infantry and cannoneers. We'll work every single day to restore public safety, protect our nation's children, and bring violent perpetrators to justice."
      – Lord Cardigan

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