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  1. Charles P. Pierce
    If you’re keeping score at home, it’s too dangerous to hold the convention in Jacksonville but safe to open schools.

          1. We're white sharks on dope
            Mom and Dad swam up to Wildwood
            Eat your kid when I get in real close
            Won't bite boats, though I know I could

            White sharks on dope, white sharks on dope

      1. I don't have pain, I just am starting to get that dowager's hump in my neck because I have spent my entire worklife staring at computer screens. I was looking for remedies and came across these guys and just was mesmerized.

    1. Is that what's wong with them?
      Seriosly, I have watched them.
      Coupla months ago I woke up at night with sharp, WTF NOW? ,shoulder pain. They had a few options but best for me was that if you find yoursel foften hunched over a keyboard, guitar or piano , spend some time stretching/holding your shoulders back for periods of time to get those muscles stregthened and working the other way.

        1. Seems so. Makes one more mindful if anything.
          Also am better at stretching lower back [almost]every day, because I know that
          tightness will fuck-up a lot of other stuff not in close proximity to lower back.

  2. Whatever you do, don't get the chicken sandwich at Popeye's. I went there yesterday, waaaaaay out of my way, solely to try it. A homeless guy without a mask on chased me to my car trying to get me to give him my sandwich. He started by blocking the exit door of Popeye's, standing there like a predator waiting for me to try to leave (no other way out), then followed me to my car, trying to block my way, saying he's hungry, give him my damn sandwich, then I ran, jumped in my car and he was banging on the window and muttering stuff. I turned on the car and put it in reverse without even putting my seat belt on yet. That's when he finally gave up. But it was all very aggressive and a little scary.

    Popeyes never mentions this in the ads.

    1. AAH that is scary. I wonder if that was a one-time opportunity thing or whether that's his act. I don't see any business putting up with some random dude lurking outside and harassing customers for freebies, though.

      There's a Popeye's in town and can confirm that their chicken sandwich is far superior to Chik-Fil-A, though I haven't gone out to eat in an extraordinarily long time.

      1. My boss used to live and work in the city this happened in so I want to ask him about it when he gets back.

        I was trying to figure out the same thing – when I drove away I drove to the other end of the very large mall parking lot where this occurred, to park and eat my sandwich. I couldn't see the Popeye's from where I parked, but when I left I drove back by it and the guy wasn't there. Same here that I can't imagine a business putting up with it, but then again, what are they going to do other than call the cops.

        I tend to wonder if the fact that all the food places in So Cal only allow take out, and customers must all enter one door and exit another, has made this guy realize it's like a cattle chute and he can just block the door at each place until the owners chase him away. I can't imagine it's successful, though. He was really aggressive, too, and making eye contact the whole time. Like I was prey. It was not fun.

        This is the only time I have been out to eat other than the Taco Bell drive-thru and the Subway Sandwich place near my house. Oh, and the line for hot dogs outside of Costco. No trip to Costco is complete without a dog. I don't think I will be doing it again until this is over. I only went because I had to go to a contractor's warehouse to pick out tile and countertops for my kitchen redo. I figured I was down this far away from home that I should take the opportunity to go try that Popeyes sandwich. I feel like the first teenager to go down the basement stairs in the horror movies.

    1. Hey, how's it going there with your federal agents swarming the streets? Are you being required to quarter them?

      1. The constant daily peal of riot alarms is driving us bonkers. Everyone longs to return to a simpler time, of tuberculosis hospitals and winnebago meth labs

        1. Props to the mayor for staying focused.
          The question "why are you skeptical/" could send people off on an epic rant citing
          most of the last 3 years.

  3. Seattle Police Dept.
    Due to the ongoing damage and public safety risks associated with this incident, SPD is declaring it a riot.

        1. ….. he would frequently take precision equipment and disguise it—placing Schoeps microphones in Shure housings, for example—to keep peers off his trail.


      1. These ones about 70mya.

        Actually, this frog may have been linked a while ago,likely by C_R_, but this PBS video is new.

        1. I dug a lateral ditch and pond so I could attract frogs. I had two of them for a hot minute, then some asshole(s) diverted the stream with a big chunk of concrete when I was gone foe a weekend and the frogs moved on. I keep hoping, but it's been a few years now with no frog action.

          1. My pool, which is not operational at the moment, is full of frogs, which I actually like more than having a functioning swimming pool. I love the sound in the spring, it attracts raccoons and swallows and other critters, and it is fun to watch them.

          2. The biggest and best frogs I ever met were in the outflow ditch from the pool at the Furnace Creek Inn in Death Valley. Huge bullfrogs, the likes of which I'd never seen before or since. One of my jobs was to muck out the ditch between the pool and the date farm with a backhoe. The bullfrogs were left homeless after I removed the cattails and other reeds. The followed the water down to the golf course, and I hope they're still there.

      1. Dunno. Can't find any pics that distinguish the two. That one, and many pics have the solid part across the top

        1. Someone on Twitter today said they are proposing $200. That's worse that nothing, that is a slap in the face.

          1. But with $600 you could splurge and get some new strings and an arthritis friendly slide so you can entertain us next year!

          2. At this rate I'd be lucky not to garrote myself while changing them. Those high E strings will cut you!

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