94 thoughts on “The Biggest Frog that Ever Lived

        1. I see they're calling him a member of both the Hells Angels and the Aryan Cowboy Brotherhood. I don't know how they do things back there, but out west you don't belong to more than one club, not openly.

      1. the frog is more busy, but the design is not.

        would be especially cool if each of the gems was a tiny venom compartment full of neurotoxins. the ultimate spy gadget.

      1. I had only heard of this show. We didn't have a TV until 1960. Well, not counting the Heathkit my father assembled in 1957 with the round tube 90 degrees out of whack so you had to lie on your side to watch the only thing he would watch, the Gillette Cavalcade of Sports. He took it with him when they divorced a couple of months later, anyway.

        1. I may have seen it live but too young to appreciate it. But people repeated that line for at least twenty years.

    1. Ooooooooo, would really like to ……….
      Hey, the ALB. Chaos video guy, replied to me "thank u gary sinise stay safe"

    1. Coat the fish in butter, coat with seasoning, and cook in a dry, smoking hot (at least 600°F) cast iron pan for just a couple minutes per side.

  1. word:


    nounUS Law
    noun: affiant; plural noun: affiants

    a person who swears to an affidavit.

    1. There was a movie in the works, but instead of Bob Mitchum or DeNiro, it would have had
      Dana Carvey as the bad guy.

        1. Lake Titicaca made 5th grade tolerable.
          However, I'm going high-brow .


          noun In Roman antiquity: A leather wine-skin. A measure of capacity equal to 20 amphoræ. The “sack”: a punishment appointed for parricides, who, after being flogged and undergoing other indignities, were sewed up in a leather bag and cast into the sea.

          1. Just was not fully awake yet. I'm okay now.

            It may have been a later elem. grade b.c. I made a plaster topo map of S. America on a 2'x4'
            sheet of plywood . L. Titicaca prominently labeled.

  2. So ya know that joke where you say something and then add, "asking for a friend…" ?? Well I just had someone call me at work about a work-related thing, and do that. It was hilarious.

    It is a guy here in town who wants to start the process of doing a certain legal thing that is very complicated and that will have to be handled through me. He has told enough people about his intention for it to get back to me that I should expect him. I should mention that this person has serious mental issues and is probably homeless and picks fights with local homeless people, is known to the police for his "episodes," seems to think no one knows any of this about him and that people just see him as normal yet brilliant, when in reality people call around and warn other people that he's headed over.

    Well so today I have been waiting for him to call and say, "I want to sign up for the thing and so I need to take out my paperwork, please send it to me." and instead he said, "I know someone who would be great to sign up for the thing and will want to take out the paperwork so please tell me how to do it, I am asking for a friend."

    I may sound mean, but it was HILARIOUS.

    I answered his questions and he said, Oh GREAT THANK YOU I WILL TELL MY FRIEND and that was the end of the call.

      1. I think we still owe the most of it to ourselves, various U.S. thingies, so all the debt holders can
        have a meeting and take turns.

    1. Amazing how the fire didn't burn that one lonely house out there. Must've taken a Herculean effort by the fire crews.

      1. Once they lost it at the bottom, driven up-slope with 30mph winds, they went right to
        the little tourist village up on top.
        The 2003 fire started much closer and burned some of the town.
        A month later USFS was looking for volunteers to start planting trees around it again.

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