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          1. I might go have a look. It's not quite as good here 6,000 feet lower than Tioga, but way better than downtown anywhere.

    1. Better than Yose-mite, maybe?
      Edit: It is crystal clear that he doesn't learn words by reading. This is the vocabulary of someone who can't read, and only "learns" (he hasn't learned) by hearing.

        1. Raises hand……….

          I used to mishear those lyrics as I had no idea what a Vegemite sandwich was! Glad I wasn’t the only one

          1. I don't get it. Don't bother trying to explain it to me. I'll just live with wondering.

            ETA: I got the vegamite bit. Just not the Phil Collins.

      1. Friends in Orange County CA had a hoarder neighbor. He'd go dumpster diving at the markets and bring home rotting produce and leave it in the driveway to attract rodents and maggots. The city took his house and cleaned it up and flipped it, so now there's a new millionaire neighbor on the formerly working class block.

  1. JCinKY • 13 minutes ago

    Ted Cruz asks Sally Yates if the FBI was surveilling any other candidates for president. Her answer reminds the public of Russia's efforts to help Trump.

    Yates: “No… there was no information that the Russians were working to aid another candidate other than Donald Trump."

          1. Oh, that's Cy Vance, NY County..
            She's State.

            Oh, the guy I know lives in E. Washinngton went to school with Vance. Thought very highly of him
            until he kinda backed-off earlier tRump issues.

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