26 thoughts on “Greening – Up

  1. The mountains got 2-4" of rain in the past 30 days.
    There were a few showers while the fire was still going.

  2. A little nice time. Last month I got this Seymour Duncan pickup , for noisy 12-string fun. If ya can't play well, play loud.
    Today I received an email saying "Your pickup has shipped…….."
    So, occasionally being a good person, I replied that they had already sent one to me. They were so glad, looks like they're gonna let it ride and just give it to me. Anybody want one?

    <img src="https://www.stars-music.com/medias/seymour-duncan/woody-hum-cancelling-pour-cordes-acier-maple-600-134779.jpg&quot; width="100" height="00">

        1. Since that pup is a quick to install and remove. You might wait until the second arrives. Even from solid manufacturers like Duncan you might find some difference between the two, so make sure you keep the one that sounds best to your ear at 11.

          1. Well, maybe they didn't actually ship one. My man Dennis says the glitch just sent dupe notifications.

      1. I see. I thought those widgets stayed real-time. I tweaked some settings on my laptop trying to get animated ads to either stop or at least slow down because they're about to give me seizures, but it ain't that, either.

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