108 thoughts on “Sunbather, Sans Suit, Seen Stalking Sack-Stealing Swine

  1. A nudist bather who chased a wild boar near a Berlin lake after it stole his laptop was applauded by onlookers after a successful pursuit.

    Dour Intellectuals, humorless scientists and grim engineers will disagree, but this content is the real reason the Internet was invented.

          1. I must have, because I have it in hardcover. It's been a long time, and I really should read it again, but highly recommend if you're into brutal, howling southern ocean storms, shipwrecks and survival against ridiculous odds.
            Lots of passages from the original survivors' journals, if I remember rightly.

          2. I can't find the sequence of internet events that led me to look for it, but the description was
            'HOLY FUCK!'

            Sounds like sphincter- tightening read, like Into Thin Air , which was horrific, but I couldn't put it down.

          3. Is there swearing in this book?
            like 3 years ago Add your answer
            David : No. No swearing at all.

            Might get both . Would distract from the current world nightmare maybe.
            Also, ya'know, the only boat I was ever on , like on Lake Erie, was a, I guess about a 16 foot
            cruiser my BIL had for a while.

  2. Notice of Class Action Settlement re Google Plus
    ……………..Class Members who submit a Valid Claim may receive a pro rata share of the Net Settlement Fund up to a cash payment of $12.00 depending on the number of claimants.

    1. I'm not a fan of stripping the earth to make way for these projects. There's so much unused roof space we need to cover with PV panels first.

          1. There ya go. It's a poor county, so the attraction for the locals is clear, just think that only a few
            are gonna get the bucks.

            …….. this is Gosar…………….

  3. Vorarephilia material can be subcategorized into "soft vore" (where the victim is swallowed whole) and "hard vore" (involving killing and digestion).

          1. I never met him, either. Our circles had considerable overlap, though. A psychiatrist I was working with lived next door to the La Biancas. Almost everywhere I've lived, he preceded me. Death Valley, Shoshone, Tecopa, and Independence, if only the jail.

          1. OMG!! Hilarious.

            Listened to Todd over lunch. At the end he does "All You Need is Love" , but makes it sound
            like "Mr. Bojangles".

  4. Weird. On McSally F-book "Related Pages"

    Martha McSally
    61,777 Followers · Politician

    Mike Pence
    1,587,937 Followers · Politician

    Donald J. Trump
    30,554,471 Followers · Political Candidate

    Senator Kyrsten Sinema
    74,390 Followers · Government Official

  5. Believe it or not, YouTube rec. algorithm making person, I do not give a flying fuck about Jay Leno's cars.

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