91 thoughts on “Curating Carolina Conflagrations

  1. I would just like to day that I had a hell week at work last week and I am ready to burn the place down, so I really really like this article.

        1. Mask I made early in the pandemic. This is fabric from Japan, cute, deadly pufferfish. The blue fabric on the back is actually outdoor clothing technical fabric that is completely waterproof, totally impermeable, so doesn't breathe AT ALL. I gave this mask to my boss.
          For the back, I couldn't figure out how to make it adjustable, and online stores where you can buy mask-making supplies weren't producing adjuster findings yet, so I jerry-rigged this out of knitting needle point covers, worked perfectly, although looks rather stupid.
          <img src="https://i.imgur.com/taHFLWn.jpg"&gt;
          <img src="https://i.imgur.com/kiZRnaE.jpg"&gt;
          <img src="https://i.imgur.com/P0qlyvz.jpg"&gt;

          1. … totally impermeable, so doesn't breathe AT ALL. I gave this mask to my boss.

            Gifts of suffocation masks can be a sure fire way towards career advancement.

          2. Thank you. He's actually my friend, as I think I've mentioned before. He can be an asshole sometimes, but I call him out on it and then he apologizes and honestly does make amends and not repeat the asshole-ry. So I try to look out for him. This was one of my initial mask experiments and I gave it to him more for optics so that he could hang a home-made mask around his neck when he was out around town. That's because our town came up with our own emergency order making masks mandatory even before the state came up with that order. And our order required that anyone other than emergency workers wear homemade masks. He didn't have a homemade one, so I gave him this.

            It is actually possible to breathe while wearing it because the sides are baggy, but still, it's a really stupid mask and it was mostly just for optics.

  2. NJ's forest service has been doing prescribed burns lake this for a very long time in South Jersey. The Pine Barrens are a fire dependent ecosystem and, not only does a ground fire clear out ground clutter, invasives and ticks but pitch pine cones won't even open up to seed unless they get baked a little bit.
    Wildfires, OTOH…not so helpful.

    1. That's like out here. It's a fire-dependent biome. Seeds on some plants only germinate in crazy high temps. So fire: Good. Building in high fire zones: Bad.

      1. I guess the scrub that grows on the slopes below the big timber comes back so quickly
        it's hard to keep-up with prescribe burns on that scale.

        On our little range that burned this year it may finally be getting to a manageable situation. Lots burned in 2003, smaller patches every couple years since, and this largest one. except for racing up to save the pie store at the top, and the edge developments at the bottom, 'letting it burn ' is gonna work from now on, I think.

        1. Heh. Tornados too.
          Although now I sorta like' toradoo'.

          [ need new laptop with keys not stuck with stale beer and salsa ]

          1. It's back! HUZZAH the world is right again.

            Someone should work this into one of Trump's Powerpoints. I'd love to see him try to explain cubic time.

        1. Oh, so the Great Influenza Pandemic was in 1917 and it ended WWII. Can't believe I got these so wrong for so many years. I gotta start watching more History Channel.

          1. Sorry to be bringing up the past but…the late William T. Kelley, who taught Trump at the University of Pennsylvania, said, “Donald Trump was the dumbest goddamn student I ever had.” He's dimmer than a 5 watt light bulb.

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