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  1. The local CBS affiliate showed the first three episodes of the new Star Trek series, only to pull it off the air and put it on their streaming service instead. Fuck that, and fuck them.

          1. Speaking of costumes. Had another band flashback. After that one first gig in PHX. with the 22y.o. punk drummer. A week later we went to pick him up to rehearse .[ He worked at In-n-Out ]
            Star walks us over to the Men's Warehouse or whatever it is in the same mini-mall, as had us evaluating suits . I think he stayed for one more gig here [ no suits yet] Things didn't work-out and the kid soon decided to pursue other opportunities.

            Star never bought suits for any of us. Of course, he kept firing the band, so kinda hard to keep
            the wardrobe sized right.

          2. there's a chapter in Caroline Criado Perez Invisible Women about the space suits on the ISS, apparently they only stock 2 (men's) sizes, M and L, and if there are any women astronauts they just have to deal, because apparently it would be expensive (!) to fit space suits to people

            He could do that with his band suits.

  2. Love this stuff. One of the Muscle Shoals guys. I can imagine someone meeting him and asking what he's done for a living. He says" Well, I played on some of the greatest Soul and R&B hits and toured with Neil Young and played with Dylan and Rondstat , J.J. Cale, coupla others" And the new acquantance sez, "Yea, sure buddy."

    Skip the beginning concert footage. The ending footage of 'after hours at Neil's house " has it's moments.

  3. Re-stringing day. One bad thing- one tuning machine on the 12 got broken somehow. Won't tighten.

    Not a surprise. I don't know much but I figured the tuners were among the shittiest. Almost bought new ones
    when I first got it.

          1. Why, yes. Yes it does. You got 'em? How much?
            Did I just get a lemon and they're otherwise OK?
            Can't find them anywhere for 12. Am loathe to try to drill 12 accurate holes in a different place on the head for different ones. One of the reasons I just didn't get a new set at first.

          2. I don't have one, but as ZD suggests, touch base with a local guitar tech. Reverb has the one in the photo for $15 + shipping, if you need a negotiating point if the tech wants Ameros.

          3. i have a bucket of various old tuners, i'd be happy to ship one if you send me a photo of the back of the headstock, so i can see how they're mounted

          4. You got the link for the reverb, I looked there before couldn't find those.

            Gotta restock strings anyway, so can try the locals.

          5. Got it. I think that for a 6. Yeah, saw it my understanding is that they are bigger than the ones for
            a 12.
            Could be wrong.

  4. Fox News host Tucker Carlson said he's "not a restaurant guy anymore" because of the way he's treated when he dines out in Washington, D.C.
    "Having someone scream, 'F— you!' at a restaurant, it just wrecks your meal,"

    fuck the link, it has a big pic of him.
    It's The Hollywood Reporter if ya really wanna.

        1. Oh, Jef-fry
          Don't show your dick to Zoom

          They're laughin' now and I just heard 'em fallin' on the floor
          Harder than I'd heard 'em laugh 100 times before
          And 'fore I knew I'd thrown my laptop straight across the room

          Oh, Jef-fry
          Don't show your dick to Zoom

          Oh, Jef-fry
          For God sake's, leave the room

        1. kevin – owner of regular museum @meksivik
          Replying to @conor64

          Me, when someone walks into subway and I am behind the counter fully nude: "this is a combo of technological error, pandemic circumstances, bad judgment, & bad luck, it seems like we should react w/ empathy, politeness, & forgiveness"

      1. When I was in class as a first responder for radioactive loads being transported between [WIPP in New Mexico and [Yucca Mountain] in Nevada (through California, for whatever reason) the common "rule of thumb" to measure a safe distance was if you were able to block it with your actual thumb. I approve of this method. Stay the hell away from me.

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