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    1. Edward "Pierced Ears and Piercing Eyes" Banatt @ArmaVirumque

      This Is Just To Say

      I have crossbowed
      the Sausage King
      that was in
      the sauna

  1. LOL

    Bill Kristol
    Donald Trump tonight incited violence. Is there a single member of his administration, a single elected official of his party, with the courage, decency and patriotism to step up now and say to his supporters: "Whatever the election results: No mobs. No lawlessness. No violence."

  2. LOL

    jesse tripathi
    lmao on CNN tom friedman just said "maybe the best thing for the country would be for Biden to win and Republicans to keep the Senate by one vote" because then the two parties would have to come together

      1. How many of the current cabinet members are there in an acting capacity?
        It wouldn't take a giant meteor to handle Moscow mitch, how about a tactical one?

      1. Art history prof showed examples of medievals able to do perspective [ can't remember examples ]
        but many never learned, or just didn't care .

  3. Anyone else planning to stress eat starting in a few hours? I just bought a half-pound of sliced pepper jack and I'm not afraid to use it.

    1. Arizona Secretary of State’s Office show a slight lead in favor of Proposition 208, a measure that wants to improve school funding by raising taxes on wealthy residents.

  4. My sagebrush and moo cow county went solid blue. I am gobsmacked.
    My county supervisorial district elected a republican, who was running against another republican, but it's nominally a non-partisan seat.

      1. Biden got 61% up here, easily kept DRat House seats (no senators up), the DRat Goobernor, and increased DRat control of the legislature. Good initiatives passed, so all in all a good local election day.

        1. My county is huge, but my congressional district is even huger. Even though the county went blue, the district(s) didn't. We had a better shot of a Democrat in Congress than ever before, but the window is closing. My state leg went to a republican too, though the county voted dem. Locally, not a bad day. In the big picture, zOMG we're so fucked!

  5. JFC , Joe.

    Oh this is going to go well.
    Quote Tweet
    Joe Biden
    · 1h
    To make progress, we have to stop treating our opponents as enemies. We are not enemies.

    JFC, Joe. OK, you can say this, I just hope you don't mean it.

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