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    1. Also

      Cyber-Man 3000
      Same, him [ Georgia Secretary of State ] and the GOP officials in PA & AZ. Though it's sign of were we are that just doing your damn job professionally is all a Republican has to do to get some respect.

      1. Raff, Georgia Secretary of State

        "I'm an engineer. We look at numbers. We look at hard data," he said. "I can't help it that a failed candidate like Doug Collins is running around lying to everyone. He's a liar."

          1. Brian Murphy
            Replying to

            and 3 others
            Leaning on a state election official to prevent votes from being counted deprives citizens of constitutional rights *and* manufactures a false tabulation of votes. Those are federal crimes under 18 § 241-2 and 52 § 20511.

        1. A powerful Stormy seas ahead, typhoon rollin' in, thar she blows, brace fer impact, we've nay met the eye of the hurricane yet! 'as brought torrential rains an' strong winds to nicaragua's caribbean coast, two weeks after another devastatin' storm 'it.

          Residents be in shelters, an' there be fears o' grub shortages.

          The storm 'as weakened an' 'onduras be expected to be 'it later on tuesday.

  1. Guiliani in court today :

    "we now have wanpela opportunity to hold stret long taim votes or produce votes after wanpela election to make up wanpela deficit.

    "This doesn't happen in wanpela honest place. "

    "this is wanpela outrage, your honor, to asua, hevi this to people. "

        1. BBC

          Even former first lady Michelle Obama don chook mouth for di mata and write for social media say; "Dis no be game."

        1. Actual

          GIULIANI: “I’m not sure what 'opacity' means. It probably means you can see.”

          JUDGE BRANN: “It means you can’t.”

        1. Loons aren't part of the landscape here, but this year at least two of them got lost and are recovering in the local wildlife rescue joint.
          2020 can fuck right off.

          1. There's a Marc Maron podcast of interview with them. He asks how they became team. The story takes about 15 minutes and every couple minutes Maron says," and that's when you….." and they go ," No ,no no," and explain why not and add another part.

  2. Chuck Wendig
    *looks at Twitter*

    *sees a thousand images of Rudy Renfield Giuliani sweating septic cockroach juice out of his ears*

    welp that’s enough for today

    1. Andrew Solender
      The Trump campaign appears to have removed the Giuliani presser from its Youtube channel

  3. Oliver Darcy
    Tucker Carlson calls out Sidney Powell, saying he asked her for evidence to support her election fraud claims, but "she never sent us any evidence despite a lot of requests, polite requests, not a page."

    "When we kept pressing she got angry and told us to stop contacting her."

        1. not as much in the age of covid…i've bought 2 guitars mail order since pandemic, a shechter TSH-12 and an Ibanez artist 12. If i had played them first, i likely wouldn't have got the Shechter. it's super cool and it sounds great but the neck width/scale length combo make my hand tired.

          This guy says there's almost no downside to the Epi


          1. my thoughts too. there's no urgency, it's more of a pandemic whim, like what else am i gonna do?

            hadn't thought about electric strings. i like the earthworks or d'addario phosphor bronze acoustic strings in general. those have enough ferrous content to excite the fields, cause a B-dot?

          2. Maxwell's silver hammer. Well played. Lennon put electrics on his, but I would guess that was for bending. d'Addarios should be fine, and you can play with pup distance if needed.

    1. I owned a first generation Sigma DM 12-5 12 string, and played a couple of other 6-string dreads from the 70s and 80s. They were the equals of the Martins they copied, but the new AMI Sigmas don't share anything but the name. No relation to Nazareth at all. Sure, Epiphones don't really have any Gibson DNA in them anymore, but they're a damned good quality instrument. I'd go with an Epi.

      1. Epis like this one are reliable, so hard to go wrong. I wanted to consider that the AMI was some kind of unicorn guitar, but it sounds more like a long-shot risk given the history, esp since i can't test it first

        1. Carl Sagan called their fallacy the Argument from Personal Incredulity — "i don't believe it, therefore it's not true". He was applying it to other kinds of denial, mainly climate catastrophe, oligopoly, etc but it works here too. It's destructive and nearly without countermeasure everywhere it appears

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