69 thoughts on “Ruin a Reichsparteitag with Pancakes

      1. I don't follow any actual tv news people . Reporting by tweet leads to clutter.
        I settled on Josh, but it's close to too much.

  1. Mike Baker
    Quite the development tonight in North Dakota:

    Gov. Doug Burgum, who has for weeks resisted a mask mandate while case numbers have surged to worst-in-the-nation levels, just issued a mandate at 10 p.m. on a Friday night. Plus dining restrictions + more.

    1. I'm falling behind. I didn't watch last week due to OHJB's victory speech. I've got some catching up to do. I was a big fan of Brian Auger and the Trinity back in the 60s.

          1. "Little did Blue suspect that he had inadvertently delineated the precise battle lines of the Great Peeps versus Legos War of 2023-27."

  2. Sunday night LOL

    John Tesh left Twitter on the same day most people realized he was on Twitter.

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