77 thoughts on “GODDAMMIT!!

      1. Either "If the queen had balls she's be king" or Frank asking Joe Pyne: " You have a wooden leg, does that make you a table?"

  1. Epic.

    Senator Rand Paul
    One way of determining fraud in mail-in ballots would be to examine a random sample of a few thousand to find the rate of fraud.

    Josh Douglas
    Replying to
    This is, umm, exactly what happens with random auditing of elections.
    It's even a part of Kentucky law! See KRS 117.383(8).

    Maybe learn something about election law before making up lies? I'll even let you audit my class!

    1. …… particles that can move through the liquid on their own – to clean sewage or administer drugs to the body.


  2. Robby Soave
    I'm sorry, but Andrew Cuomo's new restrictions on private, in-home gatherings (just 10 people!) need to be opposed on very basic libertarian grounds.

    Brandy Jensen
    calm down no libertarian has 9 friends

  3. Brian Stelter
    The Trump book many people have been waiting for… Penguin Press has signed @maggieNYT
    for a book, slated to come out in 2022… Playbook broke the news

  4. Dave Hodge
    Donald Trump still has a couple of months to invite the Tampa Bay Rays, Dallas Stars and Miami Heat to the White House to celebrate their 2nd-place finishes.

  5. Jason Isbell
    Due to @CountryMusic’s failure to mention John Prine, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Billy Joe Shaver at the CMA’s last night, @amandashires
    and I have decided to return our membership cards. I doubt anybody will care, but we cared a lot about our heroes.

    1. Sturgill Simpson joined Isbell in calling out the show for not mentioning Prine. “Don’t get it twisted…wouldn’t be caught dead at this tacky ass glitter and botox cake & cock pony show even if my chair had a morphine drip,” Simpson wrote

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