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      1. I've never been to this one in Yermo CA, but the one in Beatty NV was a frequent fuel and smoke stop when I commuted twice a week.

          1. this used one is actually the same or more $$ than a new one (and there are other used ones out there for less). i would be paying a premium for convenience/immediate gratification which seems silly.

            *and* the epiphone case (not available at the store) is the same price and much cooler than the generic grey ones at the store. although they're open for another hour, i think i've successfully waiting out the craving

          1. [Nothing new.]
            I had one in the 50s at this joint.
            They had a big scale at the entrance to weigh kids in and out. We would eat like pigs to see if we could move the needle.

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      Caesar's Phallus?

      [ also weejjee will need to explain self-healing concrete to us ]

      1. After it is placed and has set, concrete can loose water in a manner that causes it to crack. The cracks form superhighways for bad actors to corrode imbedded rebar. The self healers provide serious preying are able to fill the cracks to block the nasties like the evil chloride ions from rusting the steel.

          1. I found that refreshing after each comment gets it to work. It's not ideal, I'm sure glasspusher would have something to say about that. On the other hand, at what point does rebecca decide that providing us with free web hosting is more trouble than it's worth?

    1. Disqus is in "maintenance mode" again. I don't know how many times they've done it since the time change, but it hasn't helped. At all.

  1. Sharing………..

    Diane “SOCIAL DISTANCE” Ademu-John
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    You disingenuous scumfuck.

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