37 thoughts on “The Dick that Saved Christmas

  1. So Teh Habes has this scoop at White House…..crazy lawyers, Flynn etc. and some people pushing back on the coup attempt. Since I'm disinclined to take at face value anything she has a scoop on, just wondering what the play is here: By the actors in the WH, and Habes.
    It's like– Hey, Habes is here, let's plot the next coup attempt.
    Any thoughts, y'all?


    1. Maga Haberman always has the plausible deniability that what she writes is more or less true, but strategically incomplete

      1. Misdirection?

        Aha, Rosen has the same instinct

        Jay Rosen
        Reports like we had today from Swan and Haberman (senior officials alarmed by the crazy when the crazy has been alarming since Nov. 5) are messages written in code. But the key needed to decrypt the message is missing for most all readers. So it's not really public communication.

        1. Not many bands have reinvented themselves the way Fleetwood Mac did and gotten away with it. I liked them a lot better as a blues band, of course.

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