148 thoughts on “Electric Guitar-wielding Sea Nymph Adorns Pompeian Snackbar

          1. point of interest: gladiatorial matches were banned in Pompeii from 59 to 69 CE after a riot broke out during the games

            "I went to a riot, and a gladiator match broke out"

        1. ๐˜’๐˜ฆ๐˜ฏ ๐˜”๐˜ฆ๐˜บ๐˜ฆ๐˜ณ๐˜ด๐˜ฐ๐˜ฏ
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        1. It's raining here, thundering last night, hasn't thundered in years. But of course today I had an appointment to get my oil changed, so I had dropped my car off last night, walked home, and so to get to work today I had to ride my bike and take the bus. Poured the entire time I was on my bike and on the bus, even hailed a short time, now I am at work and the rain has stopped. Once I get back on my bike I'm sure it will start raining again.

          I'm not complaining, first rain we've had all year. But still. Timing.

          1. So sorry . It's raining here in Pasadena as well, of course, so I decided to do some work at home.

            "Oops, no network connectivity, please check your settings."


          2. The view from my back yard looks north, across treetops and houses, to the San Gabriel mountains. I walked out the back door last night just in time for a flash of lightning to illuminate all of it. It was gorgeous.

    1. Having repudiated… well, just about everything, it would serve him right if Netflix offered him a multimillion-dollar series deal. At the very least, he'd write a pretty good song about turning it down.

  1. Breaking !!!

    Schumer, speaks truth. Out-loud. On the Senate Floor.

    Senate Republicans added nearly $2 trillion to the deficit to give corporations a massive tax cut."


    1. Hah! Just got WTF? email from Wells Fargo

      Stimulus payments have begun

      In the world———McConnell blocks motion to vote on Democrats' $2,000 relief checks bill.

    2. Ilhan Omar
      They never supported survival checks, @KLoeffler
      & @Perduesenate
      support today was performative. That’s why Mitch objected. The only recourse for progress is to remove Mitch from power as Senate Majority Leader and that starts with coming out and voting these two out in Georgia.


        The pig the pig, the king of all swine,
        Saint Stephen's Day was caught in a bind;
        Although he was portly, his honor was great,
        Jump up, me lads, and give us a treat!

        We followed the pig three miles or more,
        Three miles or more, three miles or more,
        Through hedges and ditches and leaps of snow,
        At six o'clock in the morning.
        As I went out to hunt and all,
        I met a pig upon the wall,
        Up with me wattle and give him a fall,
        And brought him here to show you all.

        I have a fat swine under me arm,
        A tuppence or penny 'll do it no harm,
        For we are the boys that came you way
        To bring in the pig on St. Stephen's Day.

  2. @selina3sticks
    Good morning to the dude who walked into the early voting venue yesterday and answered “are you here to vote?” with “I’m here to ruin Mitch McConnell’s fuckin’ day”

    1. Had to deal with -40 °C/F in Wisconsin as a kiddo. I like winter things like skiing and tubing, but here I can do that and my bride's rhodies are blooming in December.

    1. Very cool. I think I've told this story here before. My sainted mother worked for Leslie after they were bought out by CBS Musical Instruments. There was an old-timer there by the name of Homer. He came around to my mom's desk, her first or second day, and chatted her up for a while. He started to walk away, turned back, took out his glass eye, set it on her desk, and said "I'll keep an eye out for you".

      It was a simpler time.

        1. Apparently this was a routine ploy of Homer's to "test the mettle of the new gals". As she gained seniority, my mother was able to prepare other "new gals" for the test to come.

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