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    1. I have stimulated the economy
      Which was in free fall
      And which you were probably saving for retirement
      Forgive me
      It was so contracted
      And so stratified

  1. @tomtomorrow·

    anyway if you're genuinely worried about alien brain parasites and other attempted absurd examples of things not getting worse, maybe skip next week's offering.

  2. 108 days with highs 100° or hotter; most on record
    57 days with highs 105° or hotter; most on record
    All-time warmest low temperature on record tied
    2nd driest monsoon on record

    1. Major suckage throughout the southwest. We got 1" or 2" of snow on Boxing Day, the first measurable precip in over 250 days.

  3. FNYT TODAY On the eve of critical Georgia Senate runoffs, Trump complicates matters with more political pressure.

    FPOLITICO 3 DAYS AGO Trump's attacks on Senate Republicans complicate his Georgia message

  4. Natalie Allison
    Tennessee @GovBillLee’s office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives says it will begin emailing out prayers on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday this month related to fighting COVID-19.

  5. Sticker on new gasoline [ plastic ] can :

    There is no safe way to start a fire with gasoline. That's why most parents don't do it.

  6. After explaining to readers that an incoming American congresswoman has pledged in a video to carry a loaded weapon with her to the halls of Congress, the Guardian reporter continues:

    After putting the gun into her waistband and appearing to stride out on to the streets, Boebert says that “skyrocketing” crime in Washington, her small stature, and her constitutional rights justify her gun carrying. “One of the challenges of working in DC is that people here don’t understand how we live in real America,” Boebert said of a city that has been America’s capital since 1790.





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