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  1. Shit happening at Capitol Bldg.

    Daniel Dale
    McConnell: "Nothing before us proves illegality anywhere near the massive scale, the massive scale, that would've tipped the entire election."

        1. Are we Zoom-storming, or Storming-storming? Do we need to bring storming snacks, etc?

          (I've never stormed before.)

          1. Hmmm. There might still be too much delay for Zoom-storming. I think we need to have a meeting first.

          2. Steve Cano, the singer, died last January. I recorded a version of Walk Away Renee for a tribute ("musicians who died in 2020"), I'll share the link once I finish cleanup/mastering

  2. Sophia Schmidt [Delaware public radio ]
    I just asked Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) about this:

    “The idea of taking the time to try to impeach him, the idea of trying to expel members of the House of Senate for their efforts to protect the President and continue this fiction … I just think we need to turn the page."

    Carper's twitter feed is filling up .

  3. Olivia Nuzzi
    The bar is so low for Republicans tonight that all you have to do is condemn the unlawful and violent effort to overthrow of the American government and you can be an American hero.

          1. GAH!!!!!!!
            Historian 2530: And that brings us to what became known as the Via Getty Revolution.

        1. (((YousefMunayyer)))

          We spend $750 billion annually on "defense" and the center of American government fell in two hours to the duck dynasty and the guy in the chewbacca bikini

  4. It's surreal, I feel like I'm talking to a correspondent reporting from Bogota" @jaketapper

    manuel rueda
    Hi there @jaketapper
    . I'm a correspondent in #Bogota. (Colombia) Sorry to say we haven't had any mobs storming the congress here for several decades. But I'll let you know if anything happens.

    1. Ryan Struyk
      Turkish Foreign Ministry: "We are following with concern the internal developments happening in the US following the Presidential elections which culminated in the Capitol Hill building being breached by protesters today. We call on all parties in the US to maintain restraint."

  5. Leon Panetta, winging it on sky news just now:

    "We had a group of….uh…uh…mobs….come together…uh, here in the capitol…"

    Well said. Well said.

  6. WAPO

    Hamza Shaban
    In the days before an insurrection at the Capitol, the Pentagon placed significant restrictions on the DC Guard

    — Prohibited from receiving riot gear
    — Engaging protesters unless necessary for self-defense
    —Sharing equipment with local police

        1. I know you don't do teh tweeter, but IT has been banned from twitter and is trying desperately to get some kind of social media account going and failing . People were joking about sockpuppets when he was first banned [ see just above ] and now he's trying it for real. It's hilarious but pathetic.

          1. It is kinda addicting. This week has been wild bouncing between fear and loathing, and OMG Hilarious.

          2. As a non-tweeter, I wonder if the platform looks different for me than it does for you. Because if it's the same either way, I can't follow it until someone unrolls it.

          3. the thread unrollers are really handy tools, to help make sense of the achronological thread structure

  7. Brahm Resnik
    UPDATE @cindymccain censured by Maricopa County Republican Party. Lifelong Republican supported @JoeBiden
    for president. @AZGOP
    plans censure resolution at meeting Jan. 23. Now John & Cindy McCain have 'his & hers' censures by party that's lost 2 Senate seats in 2 years. #12News

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