But you can’t hold a whole fraternity responsible for the behavior of a few, sick twisted individuals.

67 thoughts on “But you can’t hold a whole fraternity responsible for the behavior of a few, sick twisted individuals.

  1. JFC Haberman.

    Maggie Haberman
    An under-examined point from the last week >
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    John McCormack
    · 1h
    It's pretty clear that QAnon played a central role in inspiring the siege of the Capitol.
    The leader of the mob that breached the Senate was wearing a Q t-shirt.
    The woman shot climbing through smashed out window in Speaker's Lobby was a Q believer.

  2. BBC, marvelously making the case for understatement, describes the post-January 6th divide in the Republican party as between

    "…those who still cling to reality, and those who enjoy a rather more embroidered narrative."

      1. there's a truly nightmarish apocalyptic video that dotard released on parler today "rebirth of a nation" (not joking). thankfully their servers are being taken offline, but probably not before a few thousand maniacs viewed it

  3. Ethan Grey
    Imagine saying to Democrats "We need to listen to Trump voters!" when the actual last thing we listened to them saying was "Hang Mike Pence!"

  4. BREAKING: Blue has done a good job of cutting new nut and saddles for cheapo resonator. New tuners. Getting the
    tension screw right. Singin' now like it grew-up on the banks of the Yazoo river.

  5. AZ Governor trending and not in a good way. His 'State off teh Covid State' address not being received well by educators, mayors, parents……………………

  6. New York Times Pitchbot
    Trump wants to apologize to the nation but he can’t now he that has been banned from Twitter.

    -Maggie Haberman and Jonathan Martin

  7. "Biden should "consider" pardoning Trump. As part of healing the country … I think Joe Biden is going to have at least think about that."
    ——James Comey

    When This Madness Ends My Screaming Will Stop
    Fuck Comey. Comey can fuck right off forever, in endless fuckoffery circles of ever-decreasing circumference, until he fucks off right up his own asshole & disappears.

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