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    1. did you notice that youtube removed the volume slider for about a week, then put it back but now removed the elapsed time display

      1. What platform are you using? I'm on a win10 laptop using the latest Firefox browser, and that didn't happen to me.

          1. What doesn't work for me is getting to these comments. I have to go over there >>>> and click on the story title instead of the comment button that used to be underneath the hed up there ^^^^

          2. i still get the thing where in the time it takes me to type a comment in the box, my session expires and i have to log in again

          3. Ironically- since wonkville completely went to hell and Shy had to come in and fix it, the site is working better for me than it has for probably a year. The reason I had quit posting here was because it had become nearly impossible for me to do anything. I could click to open something and just about go cook and eat a meal before it actually did its thing…

          1. it's a tossup for me, whether chrome or firefox spawns more zombie processes and uses all the available memory

    1. Some years back when Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code" was a popular read, I got some serious drop-jaws and stares at a party for already knowing about Fibonacci's way of counting.

      1. I had a light conversation with my anesthesiologist about this when I was getting my toe hacked off. I was awake through it, and he and I were bored. He brought it up, it's not in my wheelhouse, but it was a nice distraction from the bone saw noises.

        1. Just another way of looking at things. You worked with big rigs, and it was easier to talk about a ton of sand than 82 to 100 million grains of sand to be moved/delivered/graded.

          1. Yeah, I did spend a few years screening and classifying aggregate. A lot more sciency than most people would imagine.

        1. The funny part is- she's actually right that the MW hike didn't belong in the reconciliation bill. The parliamentarian ruled against it, so Bernie's amendment was basically symbolic grandstanding. Had the amendment passed, it likely would have resulted in a rules fight that would have delayed the passage of the bill. That's why 8 Dems voted against the amendment.

          That being said, the way she went about it was atrocious. WTF was she thinking with that curtsy and the whole "let them eat cake" drama? She's now branded herself as gleefully against the MW hike and no amount of damage control is going to erase the image of her ill advised thumbs down. Absolutely horrible optics- dumb AF. Unless she actually has changed her tune from when she claimed she supported raising the MW, she seriously shot herself in the foot- and this will haunt her for years to come…

          1. I actually think that's a viable option this time. With 8 no votes, it's obviously not happening as part of the covid relief bill. But I do think there will be an opportunity in the next 6 months or so to attach it to some must-pass legislation like a defense bill (the way they got the last raise). It'll also be an easier sell to squeamish Senators once the covid bill works it's magic and starts to stimulate the economy. I think 6 months from now, between the stimulus and the vaccine program, the economic landscape is going to be markedly different than it is now.

            I'm more worried about the upcoming battle over HR 1 and the looming filibuster fight that will be inevitable. I'm kind of glad they saved that fight- they stand a better chance of at least reforming the filibuster on the voting rights bill than anything else. In the meantime, Manchin is already making noises about sabotaging the infrastructure bill…

      1. Beef Fizz
        Small businesses *love* it when everyone's too poor to buy things from small businesses.

    1. Whoa. Cool. Might do that.

      I was reminded of Jesse because a viewer asked Bobby Whitlock about the Oklahoma Gang. Leon, Cale and him.
      That particular song is pretty much how the Allmans did it.

    1. We went, there were about half a dozen black bloc type organizers and a couple dozen attendees, PA blaring WAP at the church, "Kirk and Klan go hand in hand", etc bullhorns w sirens. We were there as one service let out and another arrived got maximum chaos/visibility

      1. I am impressed with your dedication! Not sure I could get myself motivated on a Sunday to protest that idjit.

        1. the kiddo wanted to go too, been gettin' radicalized lately. since last summer we've been in a couple near-kettle and near-teargas situations

          1. Next week we get a visit by Dr. FLOTUS. tRumpy never set foot in the state during his 4 years – not that we're complaining.

  1. Kyle Griffin
    Trump just sent out a statement telling Republicans to donate to him and not the RNC.

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