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  1. Three of the younger lab-raised sea slugs, and one wild specimen being reared, “autotomised at their neck position” leaving behind a body with its heart, kidney, intestine and most of the reproductive organs.

    How can we be sure is isn't another one of Intern Fred's pranks? We can't.

      1. I don't think Harry has the pull they say he does, anyway. He used to, sure, but he's been laying low and in poor health.

          1. I remember his son Rory was making a run for governor while I was still in NV. He wasn't very well-liked by anyone, mostly because the right-wing spin machine is very much alive in NV. I don't think he's still active in party politics, but I'm not there, so I don't follow it closely anymore.

  2. |Cocaine Bear – The Movie |

    I can't decide what would be Funnier® : a 2000's Justified-style hillbilly tweaker Drug Bear Hunt, an 80's Miami Vice themed escapade or a mid-70's Afterschool Special, with Cocaine Bear busting in on the kids "sitting in the circle", doing all the drugs and rampaging out again.

    "Eric, did Cocaine Bear destroy this basement?"

          1. And his 6 string is a Martin DM just like mine, but mine doesn't sound like that for some reason.

        1. This is good.

          I don't know how anyone can have watched McConnell for the last 12 years and still believe in comity and bipartisanship. Hell, go on back to the Gingrich Revolution is you want to see what the Republicans are about.

  3. Politico:

    Sam Stein
    Biden’s bill is polling at 75%. And yet, there are significant obstacles in selling it to the broader public.

      1. CNN Politics
        Negotiator-in-chief Biden notches his first win but with a bipartisan governing loss

        ——–Meaghan Vazquez

          1. "Perhaps more significant to the future of democratic socialism, though, is what happens with Nevada’s privileged place on the Democratic presidential nominating calendar, along with how the party fares in the 2022 election. The state features both a hugely important Senate race, with first-term Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto defending her seat, and a slate of statewide races, including governor. Nevada is a blue-leaning swing state, but midterms are generally difficult for the president’s party.

            The Democratic Party under Reid’s control had been among the most successful in the nation; now those who often focused on antagonizing it are tasked with guiding the ship, and they’ll instantly face some very tough tests. Reid allies are expressing skepticism that they’ll be able to pull it off."

            There's two Politico links to the same article embedded in there, if that gives you any idea about where he's going.

  4. Today's Sinema ratio.: Only 2-1 for a tweet an hour ago, but high percentage of pics of dogs shitting. Though still outnumbered by the cartoon of 'the flounce'.

  5. The Recount
    · 46m
    Gov. Pete Ricketts (R-NE): “If you legalize marijuana, you’re gonna kill your kids.”

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