90 thoughts on “Florida Finally Bans Toilet Lizards

          1. Heh.

            With the current George Segal memorials, gotta say IMHO Segal zenithed in Virginia Wolfe, and kinda meh since then. I am , however, of the opinion that Lithgow is consistently one of the all-time greats.

    1. After years of programming tweaks to get the onboard gun working it shot itself, it oxygen-deprives and kills its own pilots, can't fly in the rain, needs command permission to go supersonic and the program's wildly overbudget.


      1. Of all the equipment I operated, the excavator was a favorite. And dozers. Because people leave you the hell alone is why.
        They feel so big when you're operating them, unless you're next to a grounded ship.

      1. This is very good knowledge if you're in a small craft. I spent some long, sleepless, and terrifying nights in the shipping lane between mainland CA and Catalina. That old maritime law about sailing vessels having the right-of-way? Yeah, toss that one. That cute shiny radar reflector on your masthead? Not helpful when there's nobody monitoring on board the ship. Visual? Nobody's looking. If they hit you, they wouldn't know it. Have fun!

  1. Kayleigh McEnany
    President Biden begins his first press conference by touting the rate of vaccines being administered, a feet solely made possible by President Trump's Operation Warp Speed.

    1. Trump is the jock in college who pays off the coach so he doesn't have to go to practice, only shows up to your study group to steal notes, doesn't go to any labs but signs himself on to all your group projects, steals answers to midterms in advance, pays someone to write his term papers and after all that only manages to graduate with the lowest GPA in the class because Daddy pays off the school.

      The talent he hires… speak for themselves.

      1. I think she may have been diddling about Tarantino's foot uhhhhhhh, proclivities.
        They were briefly referenced this a.m. on teh tweetah about Once Upon Time in H.

  2. Indeed, and all those containers present a pretty massive sail area. The onboard "Black Box" record should bear this out if so. Regardless, someone will get shitcanned and maybe locked up for this, if only to make it appear that mitigation is being taken.

          1. Stuck is stuck. Maybe they should bring out the fire hoses?
            (Not as dumb as it sounds, hydraulic mining can strip a lot of soil in a hurry).

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