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  1. Listening to Shooter Jennings' Electric Rodeo on XM Radio Outlaw Country, and he gave a big-time shout-out to Ken Layne and Desert Oracle.

  2. Ummm.Maybe not.

    FROM: A Joyful Peace

    SUBJECT: Mutual Audition :) :) :)

    Greetings Blue :)

    My name is Jomo A'lan. I am the band leader for " A Joyful Peace ". Our level of focus is: Professional, our musical styles are: 40% Latin / Salsa, 30% Funk / Soul, 30% Island, Rock, etc.

    Currently we are 3 members: myself: Vocals, Keyboard, flute/sax/ EWI, conga's, bongo's, hand percussion,

    Tracey Taylor: Vocals, percussion

    " Lilo " Yilesor: Vocals, percussion

    We are looking for a keyboardist, bass, and or guitar player. Working with a high quality drum machine and a Looper, has allowed us to have a smaller size group, yet still have a fuller sound.

    I am putting on a " Socially Distanced, Family picnic & Music gathering on: Saturday, April 10th, at the Ft. Lowell Park ( corner of Glen & Craycroft. From 10am – 6pm. " A Joyful Peace " will be playing & that can be an opportunity to see us live. Pleae bring your instrument, family, and food :).

  3. Cool.

    That's true. Although the other day I opened Roy Edroso's newsletter and he led with a giant pic of Erick Erickson, so I'm gettting used to early shock and horror.

  4. Wondering about this probably more than I should…………… was it that the last time dredging was done they figured 'just leave this big fucking rock, because no ship will ever draw that much water' ?

  5. Now they're already talking about the next generation of even bigger ships.
    I remember when they were reducing the size of those so-called "supertankers" because they were kinda ridiculous. Now we're going back in the wrong direction.

  6. At the very least.
    I live in big cat country here, too. They come after domestic livestock sometimes. Like the goats up the road.

  7. I liked it better when you needed a job to live somewhere. Now that people can work from home from anywhere, they've swarmed to places like this and ruined the real estate market and rural feel. And don't get me started on AirBnB.

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