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      1. YES!!!!!!!!!

        G. Gordon Liddy died March 30 at his daughter’s home in Fairfax County, Va.

  1. | ‘My twisted imagination coming to life’: Horror-themed house with cemetery bar, bedroom ceiling mirrors for sale in Brooklyn Park" |

    <img src="https://www.baltimoresun.com/resizer/9stAFUWv-gTlEqCeCvXma58bYoI=/800×533/top/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/tronc/SUL3GCH3P5ENXJXYRNRH6ITDCY.jpeg"&gt;

    "The big-screen TV and black leather recliners used to be joined by 20 or so life-size figures from horror movies, including “The Exorcist,” “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Friday the 13th,” which Nicholson said he bought from The Scary Closet, an online store that sells horror props."

    Hard pass.

    “The real estate agent thought it would be best to remove all that,” he said. “They’re actually in my fiancee’s garage.”

    Yes, because *that* would put people right off.

  2. The Associated Press
    Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has told People magazine that she tested positive for the coronavirus. It wasn't clear when Palin, 57, tested positive, but she's urging people to wear masks in public as a precaution against the virus.

    1. One person says something that sounds true, and you all shake your heads. The next person says something that sounds false, and you all shake your heads.

      This game sounds familiar.

        1. It's not that funky, but it is an ear-worm.
          Y'all are gonna be really disappointed when I figure out what it is.

          1. Still not there.
            I was thinking it was an Amazon employee eying his stein as a suitable urinal when it's empty.

    1. I hope it's not a separate incident from the one where the guy mowed two cops down with his car, because that's already enough shit for one day.

      1. Same. He tried to ram through a barricade on the Senate side, jumped out with a knife and the cops capped him. He's still alive, as of now, but critical. If they can get him to talk odds are he's some kind of Q nutjob.

        UPDATE: He's dead, Jim:

        New on @MSNBC: NBC's Pete Williams reports that the suspect involved in the Capitol incident has died after being shot by police.

        I bet we'll find out his on-line presence is chock full of Qanonsense. I hate this pattern but it's here.

    1. When I lived in Nevada, there was a wolf rescue a few doors down from me. I used to just laugh like a crazy person when the pack would start howling for no reason. One day they moved out. Apparently the people were renting and something fell apart. They moved to another part of town, and shortly after the move the guy's mother-in-law got eated to death by them when she went out at night to tell them to STFU. The rest is predictable, mass execution, guilt by association.

  3. Gonna go watch UA Women's B-Ball Final Four. Generally agin any NCAA or Pro thing, but there
    will be beer.

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