88 thoughts on “Bats v. Trees

    1. Easy peasy.
      Weird that they made me drop my pants though.
      I mean , I specifically wore pants in the first place .

        1. Oddly, I can't yet find an image of a furry rabbit with his ass hanging out of his pants, and am going to stop looking for one.

  1. Around here, the bats seem to prefer cottonwoods. They come visit on summer evenings when my seasonal stream and pond are full, eating up all the mosquitoes and gnats.

    1. I think you did. They didn't have it laying there on the coffee table though.
      Maybe I'll suggest they get it.

          1. I have a visceral and perhaps irrational hatred of twitter. Until someone runs it through a thread reader app, I find it useless.

  2. Brunch Set——
    Sweet Jane
    Too Old to Cut the Mustard
    Trashy Women/Pissin in the Wind
    Travelin Man [ Luke Jordan/Pink Anderson, not Rick Nelson. Not that there's anything wrong with Rick] ]
    Uncle John's Band
    Well Respected Man
    Whitewash Station Blues

  3. Saw 'Yellow Fever' trending and was sure some wingnut was ranting about the Asian Peril or some shit……
    but it was actually about yellow fever and vax……….

      1. Refund. I got the BidenBucks a couple of weeks ago. That's spent, too. I have a balloon payment on the solar array. Catch-22, I only got a refund due to the federal rebate on the solar, and I have to kick it back to the solar lender.

  4. Oct 16, 2020
    After 13 years on the job, police spokesman Joel Despain has decided to call it quits after the beginning of the year. The department has already posted his job opening.


    A man with a banana grabbed money from the cash register and fought off a store employee to flee early Tuesday morning, Madison police reported.

    1. I was within a few degrees of Felix Cavaliere back in 68-69. My girlfriend was besties with my next-door neighbor who was the mother of one of his kids. He was an infrequent visitor.

      1. I admit it's a little fun. Also told Manchin:

        Geez you're a piece of shit. This is just idiotic:
        There is no circumstance in which I will vote to eliminate or weaken the filibuster.

        [ ZD is more restrained and often has data and relevant references. ]

  5. Where I worked for a while Similar fire when I was there. Bugged out of the Preserve eventually, didn't have to at my house. Did have to bug-out when the big flood came a year later

    The #MargoFire status in Dudleyville has been upgraded to 'Go' status!
    Residents should evacuate immediately to a shelter or with family or friends outside of the area.
    Follow instructions from emergency personnel, stay on designated evacuation routes and avoid closed areas.


    Little fire in Western N.M. is contained.
    CalFire is doing prescribed burns in Southern Sierras, and North I guess it's the Cascades. Some prescribed fire in CO as well.

    This has been your April 8 Western Fire Update.

      1. We're bumping up against those temps here. Won't be long before we're nostalgic for the 80s. I can take solace in that I'm banking twice the electricity that I'm consuming these days. Soon, with the need to run the cooling system, that goes away.

          1. Not common here so early, but not unheard of either.
            I'm getting my new knee May 3rd, so I want it to be nice while I'm recovering. Because it's all about me.

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