54 thoughts on “Make A Jazz Noise Here

      1. If you're an enthusiast and lover of the sound and essence of the Hammond B-3 Organ, Then AVOID this CD at all costs

        from review by Shiva Me Timbers [ no, really ]

  1. Well all, my latest CT was not a visit from my buddy NED (no evidence of disease). That said, it not likely that it is a recurrence of the kind of sarcoma I had before. This is in the bladder, but with chin-to-bum CTs it it quite wee, so should be not big deal. Prolly Stage 0 or maybe minus value. Got to see it on the teevee at the urologists. They use a cystoscope to go up the pee hole (not the most fun thing gents) to go spelunking in the bladder. It will get excised sometime in the next few weeks and we'll have a better idea about it after the path report. Cheers!

      1. They've been there a lot – her dad lived in Tucson. They're moving to Ventana Canyon area or something like that. They'll keep my sister's wee place in Lake County north of Chicago to flee if it gets too hot in the summer. My bride and I may swing by in the fall to visit. We're thinking of going [ here first ] by way of Banff, AB as that seems to be the most sensible route to get from Seattle to Tucson.

      1. Any mercury left in the thermometer or did it explode? We just had an hour & a half power outage. Too much construction we guess, or else the raccoons or bunnies are taking over.

        1. Our infra seems to be able to deal with heat/cooling stuff, it's rain that fucks-up everything.
          Also huge downdrafts from the monsoon storms that will knock shit over 5 miles from where it's raining.

        2. Heat records being broken all week.
          Also, now the Big Tease has begun. There will be clouds, there will be rain just South of the border.
          Last year's summer rain was the lowest ever I think. We shall see……..

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