73 thoughts on “Fed’s Flying Fuel Freighter Faces Frightful Feces Flood

  1. The issue, according to U.S. Air Mobility Command, involves the Air Transportable Galley-Lavatory, a combined kitchen and bathroom … *record scratch*

    Wait, WHAT who would design something like that WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA

          1. We have about six of them burning in the interface between valley and mountains. We've had smoke from AZ for a week, now we have our own.

          2. There are too many clearinghouses for information. BLM, USFS, and state and county fire departments all tend to share responsibilities, if not jurisdictions. It's gotta be a tough job, coordinating them all.

          1. If a gauge measured in 1000ths, I could tell what we got here.
            Cooled off the Pueblo though.

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