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        1. I immediately started a list of horrifying/hilarious things I could hide in this retractable bed, for prank reasons, and then realized that's the main reason why no one I know would ever have one.

  1. Pretty sporty today for these parts:

    Current at 1531 hrs
    Temperature 91 °F
    Humidity 69 %
    Heat Index 109 °F
    Wind Chill 91 °F
    Dew Point 78 °F
    Wet Bulb 81 °F
    Wind Speed 1 mph
    Wind Direction NW 317°

    1. We're at average rainfall for July, which is a big improvement over last year.
      It's twice what we got all of last summer.

    1. Here's what C_R_ told me the other day.

      …after the rebuild I can no longer get WordPress backstage. Not sure if anyone else can….

    1. Well, nobody gets hurt when they all drop it like last year's gym membership. Unlike all the pets that got abandoned when people went back outside.

  2. Think we should just go ahead and make a Blogger blog. It's free and has all the functionality
    we'll ever use. Photos, links Has spam filter; have to 'train' it though. We could all be admins to flag spam once they find it.
    Name it " No Comments " or "Not That Blog"

    1. I know nothing of such things, but I do know this joint is ded.
      Maybe we could find some space on Hunter Biden's server or something.

      1. Was involved in one long ago. Sort of the third cousin -twice-removed from DKOS. Ferget what platform it was.
        Wait and see what others say. ZD said he might be up for it.

      2. also, it may not be more lively or interesting, but it will be easier for people
        to post threads and pics.
        I think.

          1. I'll get it together when I get back home……..eventually.

            Sure wish we could get to Close_Read. I dunno, maybe somebody piss-her-off or she just got tired
            of it only loading at work. Or maybe even she has a life .

  3. How about the med insurance companies sending the MAGAts a note that if they don't get COVID shots, no benefits. They can pay for pandemic med expenses out of their own pocket.

      1. Or our freshwater ones.
        Guy I worked with used to work in ARK and LA. He told me there's no feeling quite as special
        and seeing a water moccasin swimming at you when you're chest deep in a swamp.

  4. dfrntdrmmr
    Congratulations are in order for Rush Limbaugh who is now celebrating five months of sobriety…

    1. Allright, since you're Local for those parts I've got a Local question for you:

      I like to look at Google Street View of trails, now that they send backpack videographers out to put them all on the 'Net. For reasons I don't remember I was looking along the Lower Kamelik trail and I found | This |

      Is this locally accepted hiking attire, or special occasion formal? I gots to know.

      1. [ I had no idea where that trail is……..but now…..]
        If I had to guess, I'd say NAU screwballs. There's another behind in a orange tiger suit.
        Honestly would prefer the camera to be in front. If I want to see people walking , I'd go to the mall.

    1. I've had two vry srs girlfriends who collect bowling balls. Both of them are artists, and do vry srs art with them. Go figure. I should forward this story to them, but nah.

      1. I had one not-so-srs liason with an artist. Judy the Canadian. Fastest time from meet- to- sex in my experience, bless her heart.

  5. Ok. The rain is great, but could we have an evening where some electronic device isn't fried or the cable/or electricity gets knocked out for the neighborhood.?


      1. I think you have to sacrifice some neighbors to Cthulhu. Worked for us, and the neighborhood is a better place.

  6. Back at the usual domicile . Will get to the blogger blog as soon as I'm done killing the 100million goatheads
    that came up here with the rain. Silly me had thought the seed bank had been depleted somewhat.

    Anyone have any thought about the blog ? Probably just get something up and then everyone can tell me
    how stupid it looks and what to change. I'll check again, but I think all can be admins. If you don't wanna, tell me.

  7. I swear I googled the name…………………..

    (@notthatblog) • Instagram photos and videos https://www.instagram.com › notthatblog
    4191 Followers, 291 Following, 200 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from ……….(@notthatblog)

      1. I may have fucked the code at TSFP.
        Shoulda cleaned my glasses before messing with it.
        Gonna kill some weeds today instead.

          1. Well, I was led to believe that Blogger had more desirable free features than it does.

          2. In my test posts I've found that the base Blooooger site comments don't accept HTML entries, which answers a few questions. Mo method or widgets I've found yet to enable those entries but there might be a module somewhere that does. Outside of my area of expertise with this site, tho.

      1. Just a test to see whether Blüger allows image hotlinks. It does!

        Out of all the avalanche of Pharma commercials on the news TV, this one got to me with all of the bulging eye stuff and I immediately had to craft this P-shop.

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