34 thoughts on “Das Krabital*

  1. .60 " rain last night.
    W.U. does this ' t-storm possible at 8:30 [ like now ]
    They did that yesterday 4:30 [ nope ] bumped it to 5:30 [nope] bumped it to 6:30 nope
    Stopped putting the timing up………..an hour later the dust-storm and rain came.
    Good job

        1. 5:30


          [ i know…. but it amuses me.]




          Expect dry conditions over the next six hours.

  2. Yes. To no avail. I see that most of the successful image posts come via Chrome, but I usually have to right-click on them to see them, too. Firefox has failed me. Or it might be intense debate, I don't know.

  3. Hero

    @RoseyRose lamented that their previous account had been banned because they told “ben shapiro I want to pss in his lungs.”

  4. Actually it's notoriously difficult to a good forecast in this topography. If you have a real mountain range, like Sierra, Cascades, Rockies, the models can deal. In this 'bump of mountain- valley, bump of mountain,- valley type it can get pretty screwy.

  5. I went up to Mammoth Lakes today, the nearest car stereo shop is there. 65 miles is a haul, but it's up at 8K ft in elevation, so I figured it would be nice and cool. Well, relatively so. It was mid-90s up there, 108 at home. Got caught in biblical rain on the way home, which was good to see, but not so good for the car that I'm prepping for the new owner. Back home, same dry as a popcorn fart bullshit. The mountains get all the moisture.
    Also, new [fire activity.]

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