33 thoughts on “Deepsea Weirdos

    1. A lifetime supply of Pilchards is a good deal for a bit of monkeywrenching. Without all of the incarceration, of course.

      I seem to remember a river in Ohio catching fire a few times and sparking some kind of worldwide social movement long ago, but I could be wrong.

    1. Currently 105° but the dew point is only 40°. Still too humid for me. The hottest part of our day comes around 5:00PM, so there's still a couple of hours of rise possible.

    1. I forgot to get onions. Could you stop at the store on your way back and get four or five?


      [that movie sounds great ]

      1. Well, fuck. I went down there, nothing going on. In fact, the building isn't where Google Maps shows it, and I drove all around the Rez, nothing doing.

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