32 thoughts on “Live Wet Rocks

    1. I used to work at a behavioral rehab place. One of the residents only took 2 or 3 dumps a month. He wouldn't clean 'em up, so we told him to go use public bathrooms. One by one, the gas stations began to lock their bathrooms because of it. Then he'd clog ours again, so it became necessary to pay another resident to take care of it. Massive.

        1. He didn't have any substance abuse issues, he was there for severe mental illness. some of the anti-psychotic meds might have plugged him up, though.

  1. Dear IBM/Weather underground,
    I don't care what your so-called 'radar' reads, it ain't fucking raining here .

    Thank you .

  2. Well, precooked shells generally get frowned on. But for a larger gathering where no one is stupid enough to stand and fry shells, fuck 'em.

    If you're using ground beef, Vinyl Dude was taught by Mrs. Vidal next door to make tort-sized patties and fry the meat inside the shells.

    [ I went and got fried chicken tonight instead . ]

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