42 thoughts on “Surprise Your Banana

  1. You said in your column that it resembles a "My First Urology Kit."

    There's definitely something about it. There's just something about the cradle which just looks like it's meant to receive a banana or anything else you may want to shove up there. The curved kind of straw that you push down the tip of the banana — they're all quite upsetting.

    There are dark and horrible online communities that will repurpose this for reasons I desperately hope I never see.

    1. We used to go for distance. Not with fancy kites, though. Back in college in Cleveburg. Usually could count on
      a steady breeze from one direction, usually N from the Lake. I don't think we actually got up to a mile of string, but
      gave it a shot. Probably pissed-off a lotta people with string across their whole neighborhood.

      1. We could always count on a breeze or more at the beach. I was poor, so I'd buy the wood and glue and string, and make the kites out of newsprint. I was limited by the size of the spread. Sunday funnies sometimes had an extra half fold.

        Then there's the old joke, punchline being:
        "You need more tail"
        Answered by:
        "Last night, you told me to go fly a kite".

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