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  1. | You exhibitionist. |

    At some point, the carpenter must have weighed up whether hiding this in the top of a church would be funny enough to risk eternal damnation for.

    When you're operating on this level of High Pranksterism, the only possible answer has to be a resounding "Yes".

    1. Also,

      Aug 6th —–Pig outlook: Lean hog market fundamentals still bullish
      Aug 13th—-Pig outlook: lean hog bulls are now fading

  2. Middle Age Riot
    If today is Reinstatement Day, can tomorrow be Joe Biden Is Still President You Stupid Motherfuckers Day?

  3. James Buchanan

    The people that believe the COVID vaccine will alter their DNA should welcome the opportunity.

      1. Hey, was about to call Search and Rescue.on ya.

        That person has been listing that on Cl for years. It has to be some organ-removal scam or signal to some someone that the goods are in.

        1. Rolling in his grave laughing his ass off.
          Taj Mahal and Buster Benton have cuts in the top one. I'm cool with
          not having the top names promoted it's just the pics that
          are hilarious.. Also don't know who is paying whom for the music.

  4. Once in a while on the twitters………….

    @JacquiDeevoy1 14h
    A friend told me that hours after having the AZ jab, he was sitting at the dining table, when he suddenly projectile vomited pints of black blood. Over the next 4 days, he suffered bleeding from his rectum, had blood in his semen and came up in bruises all over his body.

    @briantylercohen 2h

    So he was vomiting pints of blood and thought, “I’d better masturbate”?

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