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Pundits and Anchors, ah ah! They’re never too far From battlefields so glorious

124 thoughts on “Pundits and Anchors, ah ah! They’re never too far From battlefields so glorious

    1. I was only joking the other night when I suggested the anti-vaxxers should come out to California and commune with the Mojave Greens.

      1. Since actual venom I reckon would be kinda expensive. I'm going to use a very fucking hot pepper called Naga Viper , make some sauce and market it as covid-cure snake venom.

        1. The parcel of dirt I just sold was over-run with Mojave Greens and desert tortoises. I was gonna open a petting zoo for ant-vaxxers.
          Edit: I just looked up the Naga Viper. Impressive! Even hotter than the Ghost Pepper, but not quite in Carolina Reaper territory.

  1. Hey anybody have any idea what to do about this——–>
    There's a wormhole or maybe a slit into a parallel universe that has started removing things. I dunno , maybe it opens and closes randomly…….it's fairly small so far. Took a pair of reading glasses and a fairly pricey nickel-plated guitar slide.


          1. Capos I got. Not having anyone to play with, and software that will change keys, hardly ever use one.

            The good scissors are in the holder we used to store pens and pencils in, now filled with
            everything except pens and pencils.

            Hope? Not here. Send money to Marc Elias or PP.

        1. I know I wouldn't be able to buy my own house now. When I bought it in 2013 it was the cheapest house in the valley. It's probably still at the bottom. The pendulum swings.

  2. The New York Times
    An oil spill with a potential connection to Hurricane Ida has occurred in the Gulf of Mexico, according to an examination of satellite and aerial survey images, ship tracking data and interviews with those involved in the spill response.

  3. Just for the labor record:
    Fry cook
    Kids tennis instructor
    Teaching Asst
    Loader at soda bottling company
    Asst mgr. rubber parts manufacturer
    Maintenance at hotel
    Grunt for nature

      1. Dusty too.
        Reminds me that I forgot to list one job: Working second shift at an outfit that made various greases and rustproofing. Lampblack, my friends, and open drums of solvent to wash it off with.

    1. This hasn't really been a banner year for getting the public's opinion about stuff, though you may be onto something with the pastels.

  4. Amusing from FNYT

    "Saudis gave Trump WH white tiger and cheetah furs that
    @USFWS Office of Law Enforcement has now discovered were fakes that had been dyed."

  5. @BlueHeronFarmTX
    These fuckfaces literally cannot go two whole days without war.

    Quote Tweet
    Lindsey Graham
    · Aug 26
    The retaking of Bagram would put our military at risk, but I think those involved in the operation would gladly accept that risk because it would restore our honor as a nation and save lives.

  6. I have Bhut Jolokia in two forms, liquid sauce and dried flakes. I dipped the tip of a toothpick into the liquid, and that was bad enough. I can't imagine eating as much as she did and still being able to talk.

  7. Ooooo. Cool. Send me some seeds when they're ready?
    Actually we already have more than we know what to do with, but what the hell………
    I was gonna try to make some sauces but my inherent laziness is very powerful.

  8. I wonder what the comment limit is.
    I remember 1000+ comment threads during debates and stuff, so I figure we got a ways to go,

  9. I feel fortunate that I can still post links to stuff, though it won't let me post images or get fancy with wrapping links and stuff.

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