131 thoughts on “To Boldly Go Where No Nonagenarian Has Gone Before

    1. Sure thing, although I can't believe those Greys at Groom Lake won't give the locals a few free rides. Would be great P.R. and do a lot to counter all of that anal probing nonsense.

          1. Oh. He says 'guns' not 'guys'.
            Probably not going to get me into the misheard lyrics hall of fame , though.

  1. So the pfizer 5G implant is still working. Yesterday night I had a new pain in my left shoulder. Had a couple beers and ibuprofen, and was fine this morning, but the top suggested YT video for me was a phys. ther.. video on the rotator cuff. I hadn't searched for anything about shoulder pain……..it just KNEW!

        1. Got maybe 1/4 inch so far. We were told it would be a storm of biblical proportions. This is disappointing, but better than nothing.

        1. That tracks. My 2nd flight ever was aboard a Trans-Canada Airlines prop plane across the Strait of Juan De Fuca. The flight attendant had to have been in her late 50s or early 60s.

          1. They must have made improvements. One article says that in a recent demo they put an iPhone in the centrifuge, took it out, and used it to FaceTime with someone. The author of the article did note, however, that this particular demo was for prospective investors. I report – you decide.

          2. WOO!
            When I was a kid, I saw plans to make a mini BB machine gun that looked a lot like that. I made one, and the BBs kinda dribbled out the end of the barrel. Never woulda made it to space!

          1. Imma start using the phrase 'shitting like a dolphin'.
            Such as : Dude, are you okay? You were shitting like a dolphin this morning.

  2. Various problems posting something, but for fun at home
    add an 'h' . Read the 'tips' first. Type in a style and subject , such as "Hieronymus Bosch ted cruz " or
    ' titian melania trump " Wait a couple minutes.


      1. As a reply, I pasted a rather long but highly amusing comment from Doktor Zs old ID page. It was here for a minute, but then it disappeared.

        I hope I didn't break Wonkville.

        1. I got an email notification where you mentioned Snow, but when I tried to reply it was gone. If this joint is broken (Narrator: This joint is broken) it wasn't you who did it!

    1. In their honor, I posted my annual canned clams comment.

      Absorbine Sr. •

      I’m absolutely horrified. I just came back from my local market and they were out of 2 pound lobsters. So now I have to somehow make do with a 1.5 pound one to pair with the 10oz Waygu filet mignon I bought.

      Fucking dark ages we’re living in here. Good thing I don’t drink or I’d probably have to settle for a 2007 Sassicaia instead of a 2005 Bodegas Roda Cirsion for a red wine to accompany the meal.

      Blueb4sunrise Absorbine Sr. • 5 minutes ago

      You could substitute canned clams.

          1. I'm not on twitter, so I don't follow anyone there. The older I get, the less sense twitter makes to me until someone feeds a thread to an unroller app.

          2. Fakakta South
            Nov 25
            my mom has not acknowledged that my sister has new boobs, which is def my favorite part of this whole day. (Also my mom is ridiculous and also exactly like Bette Davis in every single way)

    1. Oh man. You mean to tell me that these conservatives have been out there thinkin' this stuff the whole time?! Somebody needs to DO something about that!!!

        1. YOO!(?)

          (I donut know where that comment was supposed to go originally, but I opened the comments and there it was, so I clicked "submit".

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